2 mins ago

    Definition of the Word “Assimilation” and Assimilation Theories

    Assimilation or cultural assimilation is the process by which different cultural groups are increasingly alike. When complete assimilation is complete,…
    22 hours ago

    Body Asymmetry

    There may sometimes be minor differences in body asymmetry that vary from person to person. For example, the left hand…
    1 day ago

    Positive and Negative Aspects of Distance Education

    Distance education has become a necessity, especially due to the Corona epidemic in recent days. How much can an online…
    2 days ago

    What is the Zone Diet? How Is It Applied?

    Zone diet; It is a diet developed to prevent bloating. With the Zone diet, bloating first decreases and then fat…
    2 days ago

    Nutritional Values of Mackerel Fish

    Mackerel is a fish that is often compared to tuna because its many features are similar. They are large fatty…


      7 days ago

      Why Do Red Spots Occur on Feet?

      Red spots on the feet usually catch our eye when we come out of the shower or out of a…
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      May 30, 2020

      What Happens To My Child?

      Watching your child’s growth is like witnessing a miracle, but sometimes things can get out of hand and these magical…


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