5 mins ago

    Management and Treatment of Acute Wheezing in Children

    It is important for parents to describe their child’s wheezing correctly and to check whether this recipe fits the description…
    1 day ago

    Job Satisfaction and Career Development

    Job satisfaction is considered to be the amount or degree of satisfaction and satisfaction an employee has with his /…
    2 days ago

    How to Manage Instagram Effectively for Business Accounts?

    Instagram is one of the most used social media applications today. For this reason, it is possible to find all…
    3 days ago

    How Should You Position Your Desk According to Feng Shui?

    “Feng shui can help us balance the energy in every room of our homes. It is possible to incorporate this…
    4 days ago

    How Covid-19 Affected Parents’ Internet Concerns About Their Children?

    Nowadays, every field is digitalized on a large scale. The internet therefore offers people of all ages socializing, entertainment, learning,…


      January 26, 2021

      What is Paternalism?

      Paternalism is a very old concept, in which the focus of the management approach is that the state or the…
      April 10, 2020

      10 Vacuums That Weaken Companies’ Cyber Security

      Antivirus experts warn companies about the increasing number of cyber-attacks and their trends. Cases in 2019 show that new attacks,…


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