10 great features of Whatsapp

Whatsapp, which is used by almost everyone today, has very interesting features behind its simple usage. Here are 10 unknown features of Whatsapp.

1- Bold, strikethrough and italics:

If you want to make your messages bold, strikethrough or italic, all you have to do is select the text you have written and choose the formatting you want by touching the three dots icon on the toolbar. This feature is only in beta for now, but will be available to everyone very soon.

2- Emoji scan:

As everyone knows, there are many emoji in Whatsapp, but it is sometimes difficult to find the right emoji at the right moment. You will now be able to search for the emoji you want using the word.

3- Punctual calculations:

If you have trouble following your conversations all the time, it is possible to miss the moment when small tick marks turn blue. You can now see when a tick turns blue by clicking on the ‘Information’ option that appears by holding down the message you sent.

4- Keep your group chats quiet:

If you have too many notifications Whatsapp groups of friends, you can mute your group conversation for eight hours, a week or a year by opening “Group info” whenever you want.

5- Make someone feel special:

You can send a message to more than one person at a time that they think you just sent it personally. All you need to do is select the recipients and send messages to them by clicking “bulk message lists” from the “Chat” screen.

6- Keep your money in your pocket:

By clicking on “Data Usage” from the “Settings”, you can change the “Automatic download of media” settings. By clicking the “When using mobile data” button, you can turn off the option to download data in non-wifi environments, and reduce your bill.

7- Stop automatic uploads:

If you do not want embarrassing pictures in your phone’s photo gallery, you can turn off the automatic upload feature of WhatsApp. To do this, you can stop automatic downloading of photos and other media by turning off “Save incoming media” in the chat settings.

8- Mark important messages for reference:

It may take too long to find an important message. But if you mark that message with a star, your job will be easier and the person you are messaging will not know about it. To star a message, all you have to do is press and hold the message and select the star icon that appears. You can then see all the messages you’ve marked by tapping on the chat and selecting “Starred messages.”

9- Notebook Whatsapp:

By opening WhatsApp from the computer, it is now possible to message as much as you want in your workplace. Visit web.whatsapp from your computer, and you can carry your chats to the computer screen with the QR code you will get from your WhatsApp on your phone.

10- Group speech screening:

To find an old group talk, all you have to do is remember who is in the conversation. You can see all the group conversations you have been with before by clicking on the person’s name in any conversation.


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