2021 Winter Decoration Trends in Interiors

“The winter of 2021 is mostly spent indoors due to the disease affecting the whole world. Many people who have to spend a lot of time in their homes are turning to innovations and changes in the light of trends.”

Fashion and trend in places; With its style, colors, textures, patterns and forms, it finds a place in our living spaces, sometimes consciously and sometimes as “fashion” and meets with the user.

The year 2020 was a year that made us feel the phrase ‘real possibilities and needs’ in the definition of architecture, but also changed the styles of the spaces for 2021 and beyond. The importance of aesthetics has been realized along with the function in the houses that are now included in longer planning.

Colors from nature are now more in the house

One of the easiest ways to change is to change the color of the space. Many paint brands changed their color scales and included shades of colors from nature. Bright and striking colors have left themselves to pastel tones. The peaceful shade of the green of that tree you love, the calmest of blue from the sky, the most natural yellow and orange of the glow of the sun; it now finds its place in walls, furniture colors, textiles, objects and flower pots. This winter, the presence of the ever-beloved white and the depth of black continue to take its place among the colors.

With the rise of the bohemian effect in interiors, wicker details are in our home.

We can define Bohemia as the combination of two different styles that include the materials and forms used and the effect of minimalism. It easily settles into the space and that contrast finds its place aesthetically. The type of material used also reveals the effect of this style. It also includes ethnic and cultural labor.

Wicker baskets; Knitted wall ornaments, stacking boxes, chandeliers, sconce headboards, bed headboards, closet covers, wicker chairs, carpets, rugs make you feel the effect of bohemian style when they are used in stylized forms.

Frames are everywhere this winter

Frames are among the preferred arrangements for collecting memories, including the image we love or placing the paintings of the painters we love, the placement arrangement (in multiple and different sizes) combined with the lath technique as the decorative part of the mirror, with color choices to place the bohemian effect in your living spaces.

Ethnic patterns are popular in wallpapers

Wallpapers are among the usage preferences to reflect the bohemian effect with ethnic patterns and motifs. Mandalas, which also incorporate the philosophy of innovative living spaces, emit movement energy while decorating the walls with their energy.

Neoclassical influences in homes

While it contains neoclassical, Greek and Ancient Greek influences within its forms, it also includes baroque and rococo forms within the forms that emphasize with a simple line. While its effect refers to the past, it finds its place with its harmony with antiques and its strong influence within the modern.

The striking effect of the mirrors

The mirror is among the complementary and striking elements of the decoration with its design, which adds the effect of depth to the space. Its size is preferred even in modern designed spaces with the classic form of its frames.

Using wall battens is very trendy

Creating a classic effect with its forms, it is very trendy with its placement on walls and furniture according to the intended use. While the distinctive effect on the walls creates a design effect on its own, the interiors of the space they create increase the striking effect of the pieces you want to display, such as paintings, lighting elements, decorative wall accessories.

Those who want to make a difference can start with the handles.

Handles show themselves this winter and become an important complementary detail in detail with their form, color, pattern and materials. It is possible to make a difference in your very modern furniture in this way.


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