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25 Tips to Help Control Anger

Anger; It is a normal emotion and can be a positive emotion when it helps to solve problems. However, anger can become problematic if it causes aggression, outbursts, or even physical changes. Anger control is also important in helping you avoid saying or doing something that might be regretful. Using special strategies to control anger before the level of anger rises can make anger less harmful.

1. Countdown

If it is felt that there is an environment to anger, counting back from 10 to 1 can prevent anger. If the person is really angry, they can count down from 100. During this time, the heart rate slows down and anger is likely to subside.

2.Breathing Deeply

A person breathing normally accelerates his breathing at the moment of anger. If an angry person takes slow, deep breaths through their nose and exhales through their mouth and repeats this for a few minutes, their anger subsides.

3.Taking a walk

According to the information obtained from reliable sources, exercise causes the nerves to settle and the person to calm down, while his anger decreases. The level of blood pumped to the brain also increases as activities such as walking, cycling or playing a few golf increase movement. This helps the brain and body to calm down.

4. Loosening the Muscles

Progressive muscle relaxation techniques allow tense muscle groups to slowly relax. Breathing deeply at the moment of stretching and relaxation movements provides plus benefits to my anger control.

5. Making Suggestions to Calm down

After finding a word or phrase that helps to calm down and focus back on the moment, repeating these words in the moment of anger gives the brain suggestions to relax in anger control. To give examples of these words, relax, calm, you will pass, you will get better, everything will be fine.

6.The stretching movement

Stretching, that is, stretching movements are perfect for relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles. These movements are good examples of yoga-like movements that will help control the body and direct emotions. There is no need for a different exercise equipment to do this stretch.

7.Getting Out of the Angering Environment as Thought

One of the most effective exercises to calm down is to close the eyes by entering a quiet room and to imagine yourself in a relaxing scene. This imaginary scene to be considered should focus on the details and attention should be paid to the details of the objects in that scene. For example, someone who dreams of himself for greenery on the mountain focuses on the different bird sounds and tall tree shadows. This way, the application will be more successful.

8.Play Some Tunes

Music universally has a soothing effect that takes everyone beyond the moment. Listening to favorite music while wearing headphones and walking or lying down if possible helps to get rid of the effects of anger.

9.Avoiding Speaking When You Are Angry

When I’m angry, everyone has a tendency to express their anger by talking more, but this often hurts the person or the other person more. Therefore, avoiding speaking at the moment of anger prevents you from making words that will be regretted later, and making the other person and himself more angry. Before speaking, one should calm down, gather thoughts, and speak like that.

10. Determining the Anger Timeout Period

When they are angry, getting to know themselves a little and staying away from others allows the person to calm down and evaluate the event in a healthier way. The person can process events and neutralize your emotions in this quiet time. It is even possible that if he can spend that time away from others, he can make that time useful by finding time to schedule the daily routine.

11. Taking Action

Generally, everyone is more energetic when they are angry. It is possible to turn this energetic time into a positive one. Making your energy and emotions healthy and productive, such as signing a petition when angry, doing something good for someone else, helping someone carry something, will also be good for the person.

12. Writing in a Journal

When people are angry, they can relax if they write down what they did not say in their diaries. Writing about what is felt at the moment, how you want to answer, helps to calm down. If it is thought that things that should not be written and that someone else should not read are written, the moment of anger may pass and it can be torn off after the event is over. The important thing here is that it can convey emotions that will provide relief.

13. Finding the Most Immediate Solution

For example, a mother who finds her child’s room in the same situation, despite repeatedly collecting and giving advice on not leaving it messy, gets very angry. If such a scene is encountered, the child’s door should be closed immediately and exited. Removing the area to increase anger from the field of view helps to control anger temporarily. Similar solutions can be produced in any case.

14. Rehearsing the Answer To Be Given

Considering how to respond to the problem at the time of anger, you can be prepared for a possible problem. When faced with this problem, the outburst of anger comes first, it provides several possible solutions.

15. “One Stop” Sign

The universal symbol of stopping one’s anger in moments of anger, imagining it can help calm down when angry. Practicing this is a quick way to help visualize oneself, the need to stop their actions and move away from the moment.

16. Change Your Routine

For example, someone who has to go to work without drinking the coffee that is brought slowly in the workplace is very angry. The reasons for anger that cannot be changed are that people find solutions, preventing them from experiencing that anger over and over again. For the problem with coffee, for example, coffee can be bought and drunk while on the road, or this problem can be solved by purchasing coffee before sitting at the work table.

17. Talking to a Friend

Talking to a reliable and supportive friend who can provide a new perspective without accumulating people in the face of upsetting events helps to calm down.

18. Laughing

Nothing is more effective at correcting a bad mood than laughter. It is possible to overcome this moment by looking for ways to laugh at the moment of anger. For example, playing with children, watching stand-up or watching programs that make you laugh are just some of the ways to laugh.

19. To be thankful

In a moment of anger, people get the idea that everything is wrong. It may be helpful to devote a minute to oneself to get out of this emotional state. Being grateful for what you have in your life can help neutralize anger and correct this situation.

20. Setting a Timer

The first thing that comes to mind when you are angry is probably what should be said. Allowing yourself some time before answering will help the answer to be calmer and more concise. Therefore, it is the most correct thing to say what they want to say after a time that the person determines after the moment of anger.

21. Writing to the Angering Person

Writing a letter or e-mail to the person who is angry, and then deleting it is one of the effective ways to control anger. Frequently, the expression of emotions in some form relaxes the person and helps the moment of anger to pass harmlessly.

22.Dreaming of Angering People Being Donated

It takes a lot of emotional skill to have the courage to forgive someone who you think is wronging them. Even if a state of emotion as advanced as forgiving cannot be achieved, at least the angered moment can be erased by trying to pretend to forgive them.

23. Empathizing

Trying to look through the eyes of the angering person allows the person to see the situation from his own perspective. The story of the event through the eyes of the other person gains a new understanding and causes less irritation.

24. Expressing Anger

As long as anger is handled correctly, it’s okay to say how it feels. The moment of anger passed on to a trusted friend does not always solve the problem. However, dialogue with a mature person can help reduce stress and relieve anger. In addition, this can prevent future problems.

25. Channeling Anger Into A Space Where You Can Be Creative

People can turn their anger into a tangible production. When he is upset, he should consider painting, linger in the garden, or writing poetry. Emotions are powerful tools for creative individuals.

If anger is seen to turn into aggression or outbursts while everyone experiences it from time to time, healthy ways to cope with anger should be found. When personal ways to cope with anger do not work, you should definitely talk to a doctor. A mental health professional or therapist can help resolve anger and other emotional problems through key factors that can contribute.


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