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5 Facts You Should Know About Hydration

Water is one of the most indispensable elements for our lives and a vital element that we need to lead a healthy life. While water and hydration provide us with the energy we need during the day, they are also very important for our body composition, weight balance, sleep process, mental focus, and normal functioning of our organs. In order for our body to get enough water, it is not enough to consume it in one go or to drink it after exercise. It is very important that you provide hydration by drinking water at regular intervals from the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed. Here are the remarkable facts about hydration…

Indispensable for a healthy body

Water means life and it is very important for our body to continue its life in a healthy way. As soon as you do not consume enough water as you need during the day, your kidney functions, which enable the processing of excess waste in your body, may deteriorate, the burning of fat you take with food may slow down, the blood pressure balance may be disturbed because capillaries may be blocked, the volume of your muscles, which is 70-80% water, may decrease, and cognitive functions may decrease. For this, you should take care to drink a glass of water every hour and provide the hydration you need.

Affects its performance

Since your body is dehydrated, the energy you need during the day will gradually decrease, so there may be a significant decrease in your overall performance. If you also do sports or daily exercises but do not drink water, your performance may decrease by 20 percent. Again, if there is not enough hydration, you may even suffer from muscle pain from time to time, as the blood flow and pressure in your veins will increase.

Excess fluid may accumulate

Again, one of the problems that will occur in the body when it does not provide adequate hydration is fluid accumulation. When you do not consume plenty of water, sodium retention will occur in your body and this will cause edema. This will cause excess water to accumulate under the skin and not be discharged. Having a normal and balanced water flow in the body ensures circulation and establishes the sodium balance.

May disrupt healing processes

The body gets the energy it needs from food, and the point where it does this is in the intestines. When we consume any food, our intestines take the good substances from it and discard the rest. If there is not enough water, this process may not be able to fully perform. For this reason, water consumption and hydration are very important for the correct processing of food and for obtaining the necessary nutrients.

Necessary for your skin

Most of our body consists of water and our skin maintains its vitality by nourishing it from water. In order to have a healthy, bright and beautiful skin, you should drink the amount of water you need during the day according to your age and weight, and you should definitely provide the necessary hydration and Ph balance for your skin.


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