5 Foods High in Fiber

Among the food groups, fibrous foods, which are among the most beneficial for human health and generally preferred because they accelerate weight loss in diets, have very beneficial contents for diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer.

These foods, which are necessary for a balanced, regular, and healthy diet, are also important for regulating bowel movements, lowering cholesterol levels, and controlling blood sugar. We have compiled a few of the foods high in fiber in this article for you.


Artichoke is among the most suitable foods for this diet with its different nutrients and high fiber content. The fiber content in a medium artichoke is about 10 grams, and it is very beneficial for digestion and cholesterol with its antioxidant properties.


Walnuts are also known for their high fiber content and are frequently used in both healthy nutrition and diet programs. In a handful of walnuts, there is almost one-tenth of the daily requirement of an adult person. You should definitely consider walnuts, which are also a good source of fat, in your diet.


Apple is among the fruits that are known for its high fiber content and that almost everyone likes to consume. A medium-sized apple alone can meet more than 15 percent of daily fiber needs. At the same time, the high water content in the apple facilitates the rapid mixing of the fibers into the body.


Broccoli, which has high nutritional values ​​and is recommended by dietitians, is one of the foods that are strong in terms of fiber. Broccoli, which contains 2 grams of fiber in 200 grams, is one of the prominent healthy snacks.


an attractive food. Carrot, which lowers cholesterol and balances blood sugar when consumed regularly, is also very healthy with its fibrous structure. You can find 7% of your daily fiber needs in a medium-sized carrot.


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