8 Ways to Calm Your Pet While Traveling and in Times of Crisis

We wrote about ways to calm your little friend down in moments of crisis. Here are some tips that every pet owner should know …

We know how valuable your little friends are to you. If you have a pet that flips over a thousand times to avoid going to the vet, and brings the car upside down on trips, you are in the right place. Researches prove the negative effects of stress on the health of our little friends. This stress that your little friend faces when you do not calm down your dog or cat by saying, “Oh dear, if he screams, we go to the vet over the top…” This stress that your little friend faces comes back to him as various health problems. Therefore, controlling your pet’s stress is much more important than you think. If you want your little friend to lead a long and healthy life, you have to keep him away from stress. We have researched and compiled ways to calm your pet in times of crisis for you. Here are cat / dog calming tips that every pet owner should consider …

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1. Contact him to calm down your little friend who is anxious about the fireworks display

We do not know the damage fireworks shows cause to wildlife and stray animals! Despite all these dire consequences, unfortunately, fireworks still continue. The most effective way to calm down your little friend who is panicking during these shows is to communicate with him and touch him. Leaving your dog or cat alone and diving into watching fireworks can make your pet more stressed. For this reason, you should not forget to take care of your little friend.

2.Use a panic blanket / scarf

There is nothing that a big hug cannot solve. Of course, it is not possible to hug your dog or cat at any time. At such moments, you can use a scarf or blanket to wrap your little friend and help them relax. Experts recommend that you apply this method not in times of crisis, but just before crisis moments.

3.If you have a small dog, get your dog used to being held.

Vet trips can be very stressful for your dog. If you have a small dog, you can get him used to being held. To do this, you can say a simple word like “hug” before holding your dog, then grab your dog and reward him with a treat. In this way, when your dog does not want to walk, you can easily hug him, calm him down and take him to the vet.

4. When your little friend gets stressed, listen to music

Studies prove the positive effects of music on stress. A similar situation applies to your pets. If you think your cat or dog is stressed, you can help them relax by playing quiet music.

5. Get your pet used to noise and sound

To get your pet accustomed to the sound and noise, you can open various recordings several times a week so that they are not too loud. For example, you can make the sound of a vacuum cleaner, storm or street noise, and you can gradually get used to it. Of course, it is useful to make sure the volume is not too loud before doing this.

6.Don’t forget to pamper your little friend with a treat.

One of the easiest ways to get your dog accustomed to vet visits is with treats. This is the right time to use super tasty treats that you don’t normally offer. You can make your little friend enjoy their vet visits by giving them these special treat foods every time you take them to the vet.

7. Rehearse their vet trips

How would you like to rehearse your vet visits with your little friend? For example, you can cut your dog or cat’s nails and brush their teeth in a home environment. Doing these activities in an environment where your little friend feels comfortable will prevent him from feeling unfamiliar and stressed during veterinary visits.

8.Stop your little friend from being full before long journeys and vet visits.

When your cat or dog eats a meal, they may vomit under the effect of stress. To avoid such situations, you may need to restrict your pet’s food before long journeys or vet visits. In this way, your little friend will become more sensitive to reward foods.

Bonus: Get help from anti-stress medications

Today, many herbal medicines are produced to calm pets. These drugs, which you can prefer especially before long journeys, help your little friend to relax and sleep. You can obtain mildly effective medicines from online shopping sites, and consult a veterinarian for more effective sedatives.


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