9 Recipes To Make Drinking Water More Delicious

We all know how important drinking water is for our health. Sometimes, however, we find it difficult to keep drinking regularly. So how about making drinking water fun and more delicious? We have shared 9 tricks that will create a detox effect for you, make you healthy and drink your water with pleasure.

Lemon and Strawberry

Add half a lemon and a few chopped strawberries in a large glass of water. Fill your water over. By adding mint or fresh rosemary, you will get a delicious water.

Orange,Lemon and Lime

Slice the orange, lemon and lime in the amount you want. Put all the ingredients in your bottle, glass or large jar and add the water. Add some peppermint and consume it with pleasure.

Mint and Pineapple

By adding sliced ​​fresh pineapple and mint to the water, you can make your water more delicious and fresh.

Raspberry and Lime

Cut the lemon into thin strips. Add half a glass of raspberry to your water.

Blackberry and Fresh Salvia

Squeeze a handful of blackberries and a few fresh sage and add water to it.

Orange, Fresh Ginger and Pineapple

Put half a sliced pineapple, a tablespoon of fresh ginger and a half-sliced orange in a jar. Add water on it and mix it and enjoy it.

Watermelon and Rosemary

Grind a glass of water beautifully. Add a sprig of fresh rosemary. Add your water on it. Be careful when passing the amount given as rosemary will give a sharp taste.

Cucumber and Mint

Cut a cucumber into thin slices. Add to your bowl with fresh mint leaves. Put some water on it. You can add regular lemon or lime.

Bonus: Fruit Ice

If you want to get very tasty and cold water, you can prepare ice cubes from fruits. Place the fruit you want in ice cubes, put water in it and freeze. Add your fruit ice cubes to your water whenever you want and consume it with pleasure.


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