A Day As Important As The Earth!

How can we celebrate the Earth day?

As you know today is April 22. Is it important? There ara many special occasions it the world. Like mother day, father day, teacher day, valentines day etc. We celebrate these special days and prepare gifts. April 22 is Earth day.

Have you ever heard this day?

The purpose this day is to draw attention to the environmental problems that our world faces by celebrating the life and beauty of our world.

An idea put forward by John McConnell at the national UNESCO world conference organization in San Francisco in 1969.

Who is the John McConnell?

John McConnell ( 1915-2012 in Davis City, lowa ) is an American activist known as the founder of “Earth Day” and The Earth Society Foundation, with a passion for peace,religion and science throughout his life. He originated and promoted ideas to relieve human suffering and promote the common good.

What gift can we give to the world?

Nowadays, we struggling may environment problems. For example, Covid-19 the huge problem all over the word. If you want this day to make sense, we must stay at home for the heath of ourselves and those around us. As a human, we must be more sensetive to our environment.

Love the world and this is the biggest gift for Earth.


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