Adverse Effects of Sun and Protection Methods

The relaxing effect of the sun and its positive effects on vitamin D synthesis are known by many people. It also causes improvement in many skin diseases. It is possible to count psoriasis and eczema among these diseases.

However, the UV rays of the sun, which are harmful and increase with heat, cause serious negative effects on the skin with ozone punctures. Skin spots, wrinkles, photo aging, new moles, changes in existing moles and preparing the ground for skin cancer are among the negative effects of the sun.

It is very important for health to be protected from the negative effects of the sun. For this reason, it is necessary to use high factor sunscreen products, especially until the age of 18. In this way, the occurrence of photoaging is greatly reduced.

Sunburn, which is seen especially in light-skinned people, is one of the most important problems caused by the sun. In the case of prolonged exposure to sunlight without protection, skin rashes appear within the first two or four hours, and water bubbles occur between 12 and 24 hours. In such sun burns, dressing with ice or cold water and plenty of fluid intake will provide relief. It can also be preferred in creams and lotions that provide relief from burns. Painkillers should be used for pain caused by sunburn. In cases where the severity of the burn is high, the assistance of a specialist should be sought.


Severe sunburns in children can cause skin cancer in the future. Usually, the rash, swelling and swelling seen after the first sunbathing are caused by sun allergy. This itchy situation, which is seen in the areas exposed to the sun, continues until the sun’s effect loses. A dermatologist should definitely be seen against sun allergy, and anti-allergy suppressive and preventive treatment should be started and sunscreen products should also be used.

The negative effects of the sun and protection methods

In addition to preservatives to protect from the negative effects of the sun, it may be a solution to use products in the form of tablets that protect from the harmful rays of the sun and prevent these damages.

Tablets containing antioxidants such as fern, green tea, lycopene and beta carotene are also highly effective in repairing DNA damage and preventing photoaging. A moisturizer should be used to protect the skin from the drying effect of the sun. Otherwise, itching and peeling will occur on the skin. While lightweight and water-based moisturizers are suitable for the face, more oily products should be used for moisturizing the body. In addition to these products, abundant fluid consumption is also important.

Using sunglasses and hats in open air is the most practical method of protection from the negative effects of the sun.


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