Amazon Prime Video Will Allow Sharing Short Video Clips

Amazon Prime Video allows sharing 30-second video clips on social media.
Video streaming services are notorious for imposing restrictions such as not allowing screenshots, only allowing to the storage of downloaded content for a certain period of time. But Amazon seems to want to set a different example, as it will allow sharing short video clips of select Prime Video content with others.

The company announced on Thursday that it has added a new video-sharing feature to its Prime Video iOS app, allowing users to share 30-second video clips from their favorite shows.

Users will see a new “Share Clip” button above the search bar in the lower-left corner while watching a show on the Prime Video app. Pressing the button will pause the show and create a 30-second clip of the video being watched. From here, users can fine-tune it by adjusting the length of the clip or moving it forward or backward to include the scene they want to share. After all these processes, the clip can be shared via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

In a blog post on Amazon innovation, “Have you ever been this impressed by a scene? Have you ever been touched by an action scene or laughed so hard at a joke and couldn’t wait to share it with someone? Now you can send scenes from your favorite Amazon Original series directly from your phone.” He talked about the feature.

Finally, let’s mention that an Amazon spokesperson told The Verge that the new feature is only available on iOS. There is no information yet on whether the company will bring the new feature to the Android application.


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