Apple Glass May Be Announced This Year

It was announced that Apple Glass has entered the second phase of its development and that it may be officially introduced this year.

There have previously been rumors that Apple is trying to launch an AR headset later this year. While the name of this head-mounted wearable device has not been verified, some rumors claimed that the device was named Apple Glass. Now, with a number of new details, it has emerged that the product has entered the second phase of development and that its official promotion can be made this year.

A report released by DigiTimes reports that the Apple Glass initiative has become a potential product with the second phase of development. Unfortunately, it is not known how many development stages there are. Still, according to estimates carried out under current conditions, Apple Glass is expected to be officially announced in 2021 and offered to users by 2022.

It looks like Apple will try to bring a head-mounted lightweight product to the market. The last thing customers will want with this product is the use of a huge eyepiece hanging in front of them, which is a huge obstacle while traveling or continuing with their daily work routines. Considering this request, Apple is working on an eyewear design that users can easily choose in daily use. There are also reports that Apple is planning an app store for Apple Glass. However, there is no published timeline for this yet.

Besides all this, contradictory reports also have different opinions. Some reports claim that the product will not be released this early, contrary to what was expected. Another information that supports this theory is the rumor that Apple is working on not one but two AR headsets. Apple is struggling to launch two Apple Glass models under the code name N301 and code N421. The second of these, the Apple Glass model, which will be released under the code name N421, will have much wider features. Therefore, we can say that this model will be released later.

Finally, let’s point out that there are rumors that the price that the company has set for Apple Glass is $ 499. Let’s add that more details about Apple Glass will emerge soon.


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