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Bad Breath and Its Negative Effects on Quality of Life

Bad breath is seen as a continuous or ongoing complaint in some people. There are different types of bad breath depending on the reasons. In some types, for example, bad breath in the morning is not considered a health problem. The reason for this is that some secretions secreted in our mouth during the day are responsible for destroying the food we eat and bad odors, and these secretions not being secreted while sleeping at night can cause bad breath in the morning.

Solution to Bad Breath

Most of the time, we are faced with the situation that people around them notice bad breath before themselves. While detecting bad breath, it is possible to easily detect bad breath by putting your hands to your mouth and sniffing it in the palm of your hand, without leaving the work to others. After determining the problem, the first thing to do is to accurately determine why bad breath occurs and to investigate immediately how we can find a solution in this type.

Why Does Bad Breath Occur?

The answer to this question is; mouth and teeth cleaning, diet, hunger and diet, dry mouth, alcohol and smoking, drugs etc. It can have many answers like. In this article, we wanted to briefly explain the causes of bad breath caused by mouth and teeth cleaning-nutrition, which is the most common cause of bad breath and how they can prevent this problem.

Oral and Dental Cleaning

Among the causes of bad breath, it is of great importance to neglect oral and dental hygiene. There are a lot of bacteria in our mouth and every minute these bacteria are hiding between the teeth, throat and under the tongue and reproduce in large numbers. If we don’t get rid of these bacteria in a short time, it will cause tooth decay. Tooth decay in itself causes bad breath. The crumbs left in our mouth after eating are broken down by bacteria. During the breakdown of food crumbs, bad-smelling gases are released. After swallowing what we eat, if we do not clean and purify the residues stuck in our teeth in a short time, it continues to deteriorate between our teeth and the bacteria continue to break down the decayed residues. If we do not clean it in a short time, the bad gases that arise while the bacteria break down the dishes continue to emerge continuously and cause bad odors in our mouth.

How To Prevent Bad Breath Caused By Mouth And Teeth Cleaning?

If you think that your bad breath is due to mouth and teeth cleaning, the things you need to do are very simple. It is seen that when you get up in the morning regularly, people who brush your teeth after every meal during the day and before going to bed at night, use dental floss, and use mouthwashes easily get rid of this problem.

Nutrition Format

Although you regularly brush your teeth and tongue every day, use dental floss, and thoroughly clean your mouth after each brushing with mint mouthwashes, if bad breath continues, the problem is likely to be in the food you consume during the day. The onion, garlic, bacon and various spices that you consume during the day cause bad breath. The reason these foods smell is because the pungent odor oils reach the lungs through the veins carried in our body. As we exhale air from the lungs during breathing, the bad odor of bad oils appears as bad breath.

How To Prevent Bad Breath Caused By Diet?

It is very simple what people who have bad breath problems due to their diet should do. It is possible to get rid of bad breath and have a quality and healthy life when they prefer natural foods consisting of healthier vegetables instead of choosing less fatty and less spicy dishes in their daily lives.


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