Battlefield 6 May Be Announced Next Week

A new claim has been made today regarding the Battlefield 6 launch date. According to the information provided by reliable sources, the new Battlefield game may be officially announced this week.

Battlefield 6, the new game of the Battlefield series, is eagerly awaited by many gamers. Although it is still not officially announced when the new game of the series will be announced, the latest shared reports point to May again.

As you know, both Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 1 and Battlefield were announced in May 5. Today, in line with the information shared by reliable sources, the new game of the series is expected to be announced next week, in the first week of May. In fact, considering DICE’s strategies in previous Battlefield games, we can say that it is not a surprise that the new Battlefield game was announced in May.

How Will Battlefield VI Be?

It is estimated that the new Battlefiled game, which is expected to be released in the last months of 2021, will attract attention especially with the innovations it will make on the multiplayer side. In this section, it is said that the game, which is emphasized to host game modes for 128 people, will also come with cross-generation support.

The game, which is said to provide a completely different Battlefield experience to the fans of the series in terms of gameplay, is also among the shared information that it will support all the innovations of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.


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