Bone Broth Madness

There is constant bone borth in social media, books, videos, doctors’ discourses. Now, wherever we turn our heads, we see bone broth. In the USA and Europe, there are bone broth sellers that have been in demand as much as coffee shops in recent years. It has also become popular in different parts of the world over the past few years. In fact, bone broth has existed in the cuisine of many different cultures since ancient times. Our ancestors say, “it resurrect the dead” the ancients used to give bone broth soup to sick people.

So why did it become so popular? Because blessing for athletes, legendary saturater for dieters. It has a healing effect for patients, and for women, bone broth is a youth potion that prevents cellulite and aging. Everything is nice, but can we get the right bone broth? Or can we make the right bone broth? Now we will tell you how to make a perfect bone broth that is intended for medication and share the tricks. Because we see that bone broth usually confuse with scalding bone.

Here is our recipe for bone broth with ingredients:

The right bone is important. Preferably should be the joint area. Tibia or foot can be selected. Make the butcher cut the bones tiny. Because it is very difficult for large bones to release collagen. After placing the bones nicely in a steel pot, time to flavor them, put the onion, carrot, bay leaf, black pepper, celery stalk in it to not be disturbed by their strong smell. We use 2 kg of drinking water for 2 kg of bone. Put 2 tablespoons of vinegar on the bone to get the collagen into the water and mix it all on a stove. After it starts boiling on the fire, cook it for about 16-18 hours until the bones leave the whole marrow by smallest fire of cooker (like a candle fire). After cooking, strain and leave overnight in the refrigerator. After waiting in the refrigerator, the bone broth will be in the form of a gel and a white oil will accumulate on it. We take this oil with a spoon, divide gelled bone broth into cardboard cups, put them into the freezer and consume one every day. Do not forget to consume it with lemon, as collagen is synthesized with vitamin C.


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