Boston Dynamics’ Four-Legged Robot Spot is on Sale

Boston Dynamics, which draws attention with the humanoid robots it has developed, has finally come to the stage of sale. The four-legged robot dog “Spot” produced by the company is officially launched. Here is Boston Dynamics Spot, which has a price tag of 74,500 dollars and what they can …

The four-legged robot dog “Spot” produced by Boston Dynamics, which has attracted attention with the humanoid robots it has developed in recent years, has been officially launched. The price of Spot, which was opened to corporate sales for commercial and industrial uses, was determined as 74 thousand 500 dollars (approximately 510 thousand TL). The robot, which is put up for sale online via and called Spot Explorer, will be offered primarily to developers.

Weighing 32.5 kilograms, the Spot is 50 cm wide and 110 cm long. The 605 Wh charge of the robot dog, which is 19 cm tall when sitting, provides an average of 90 minutes of working time without load.

With a 360-degree horizontal field of view and a range of 4 meters, the robot can detect the terrain, maintain the distance from fixed obstacles and avoid collisions. The robot dog Spot, which can operate at temperatures between 20 and 45 ° C, has a load carrying capacity of up to 14 kilograms. The robot has a maximum slope = ± 30 ° slope, 1.6 m / s speed, and the robot has a 7-inch touchscreen on the control panel.

Those who take the programmable robot of Boston Dynamics that can climb the stairs and open the doors can also design the robot according to their needs. Boston Dynamics also offered additional products and accessories that can be used with Spot, which is sold at a price of $ 74,500.

These include products such as a $ 15,000 maintenance package, an additional $ 5 battery, a $ 22,000 teleoperation camera control system, and processor and graphics cards for up to $ 24,000.

In addition to these features and prices, it should be noted that the sales contract of Boston Dynamics company also states that “it is forbidden to program or use robots in a way to harm humans”.

Boston Dynamics, which Google bought for $ 500 million in December 2013 and sold it to Softbank in 2017, used to maintain its balance while walking in the snow in previous years in humanoid robot studies, carry parcels, stand up after falling down on the ground with a stick blow from behind. He was able to go through stages such as jumping over the stump placed, climbing on boxes of different heights with serial movements.


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