Characteristics of the Consumer Markets

The characteristics of the consumer market are influenced by a variety of factors including cultural, social and psychological factors. The cultural factor is the most comprehensive factor for seeing consumer behavior; Here the core values of perceptions and desires are based on life experiences, so reality permanently affects behavior. This refers to the impact of social and family situation. While personality factors are seen from age, job, life patterns and self-concepts that shape identity, psychological factors direct the individual’s beliefs and attitudes towards the tendency to remain consistent, and motivation to interpret himself from his experiences and knowledge.

In the consumer research conducted by in November-December 2004, more than 2000 consumers were taken as a sample. They were randomly selected from urban and rural areas, with varying socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels. This survey examines eight consumer characters:

• Consumer behavior and attitude in seeing the brand

• Type of brand sought

• Consumer wishes in product selection

• Activities that represent themselves in various conditions

• The effect of advertising on purchasing behavior

• Most aspiring media as a window to life

• Types of advertisements desired

Being Confident

The demographic percentage is 15.2%, usually men of adult age, with higher education and living in urban areas. Very confident and strong character, loves peace in his social life, very normative and helpful. The painting approaching him may be a good father figure; The main desire in this group is to put family more than material, have a good reputation and be highly acceptable to society.


The number of optimistic consumers is quite high (13.5%). The character of the group, which consists of mature women, mostly from rural areas with low socioeconomic conditions, is trying to live a modest, realistic, family and normative life. Like housewives, they like cooking as a hobby, it is not just an obligation.Since family is everything, their basic desires are neither material nor anything else.


This group is a consumer group living in urban areas, but whose socioeconomic level is lower middle class, 10.5% of whom are men. Their characters are life-oriented towards friends (group). For them, the word “friends” means “all for one and all for one”. According to them, friends are everything and friends will do anything for their good. Due to the circumstances and the environment, they are very tolerant of sex. Being accepted and loved by friends has become their main desire. Friends have been life motivation and material for them or are still a way to survive. This group is often seen hanging out in malls (neither in restaurants nor in cafes) while joking and smoking.

Cheerful Humanist

This group has a rate of 12.1%. This group, consisting mostly of young women with low socioeconomic status from rural areas, tends to be the center of attention, although it is accepted in their environment. They like a peaceful environment filled with harmony. They are very attentive and empathetic to the environment and the people around them, and feel very valuable if the environment accepts them as they are. With such a character, their basic desires are clearly not concerned with the material, but they always want to be needed by the environment and enjoy being together.


These women, who determine approximately 8.1% of the entire population surveyed, are generally mature women with low education and living in the region. Because their lives are mediocre, this group of consumers doesn’t have much desire and isn’t too optimistic about their future. They tend to flow like water without having to “bother” others.


This group is very open and attractive, and its purpose in life is to achieve victory. Therefore, they really like to compete and tend to be dominant in relationships. Often mature educated men from urban areas will really enjoy their lives. For example, they have attitudes towards sex as a form of relaxation. They really love fashion, they enjoy the cuisine, and they enjoy advertising. Therefore, their main desire that always emerges is to be pampered with materials and possessions, to be flattered and respected, to be accommodating and full of energy. These attractive consumers are very large demographically, about 16%.


It is also quite large in quantity, about 11% of total consumers. They are very open, sociable and passionate consumers. Generally, mature age women are also dominant, but they live in urban areas with A + socio-economic level. They are very materialistic and for them to have (wealth) is the pinnacle of happiness in life. Moreover, they think that the success achieved cannot be obtained from formal education. Believe that friendship is an investment in their eyes; friendship is more like networking than connecting. So for them there is self-knowledge if it is highly accepted by the social environment. For them, friends (relatives / families) are supporters of their success.

Spontaneous Fun Loves

This group is around 13.6%. Similar to the men (Savvy Conqueror), a group of women from high socioeconomic urban areas really like to be the center of attention. They like to get along, show off, and attend events outside the home, such as parties and gatherings. They love trending new things like fashion and gadgets and really enjoy life. They believe the material is a tool that meets the demands of lifestyle, is a testament to compliment and idol self-knowledge, and is a way for the group to achieve popularity.

Overall, the following have been found to be typical consumer behavior:

• Really care about the people around

• Very worried about people’s opinion of him

• Feeling uncomfortable when alienated from the environment

• attaches great importance to norms and traditions

• Preserving seniority compared to one’s abilities

• Seeking a safe position in social layers

• Desiring harmony and gentle relationships

• Prioritizing collaboration instead of working alone

• Expecting people to do what he does

This typical consumer is not directly related to the mode of consumption, but it is certain that consumption has a story and basically the consumer is an actor. Consumers’ attitudes towards advertising, direct marketing and promotion show that 80.47% of the preferred advertisements are funny and entertaining. While the level of consumer optimism is rising, 78.01% believe that the ability to provide the family with better material than experience can lead to success up to 72.57% in the future. Consumer opinions on traditional values show that they have changed a lot (70.66%). Similar to the sexual consent point of view, consumers do not care about the sex lives of others as long as it can be handled as an adult.

Change in Consumer Behavior Characteristics

It shows that consumer behavior continues to evaluate the same brand as quality from abroad or locally, but this time consumers are concerned that the products must be certified, easy to maintain, and very expensive. There are significant changes in related brands where local brands are beginning to change consumer behavior. While the strategy of working in the market is more affected by advertisements, discounts and ease of finding, this is very different from the previous survey which found that the strategy of working in the market puts the product at a high price instead of the manager.

As with the packaging, it was simple, easy to carry, safe, smart and legally changing consumer behavior, which previously had an elegant brand and logo, contained natural raw materials, was not perishable and comfortable, and looked luxurious. Likewise, with a re-emphasis on communication, certified, although there are similarities in the benefits of the product, it has been confirmed. There are also changes in terms of media, where the magazine is no longer a tool for product distribution, but actually turned into social media. In the meantime, there has been a change in advertising, where ads using social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, which can be accessed on smartphones, are more effective than television and magazines.


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