Dehydration: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and More

What is it, How is it understood?

Fluid loss means “dehydration” in the medical language, the body fluids are consumed more than normal, the majority of which is water. With the loss of fluid, the water in the body is now too low to move to the cells. During the day, we lose fluid for various reasons. These can be removed from our body with urine, sweat and even with our breathing. The important thing is to be able to replace the liquid to the extent that we “lose” at least. Because “fluid” loss means not only losing water but also many mineral salt and minerals in the body. Dehydration has a serious scale of danger, ranging from unconsciousness to death. Fainting, skin rashes, weakness, nausea, blurred vision, blood pressure imbalances are among the most innocent parts of this scale.

So What Causes?

Long-term exercise and long-term exercise in an environment with high fever, heat exchange and high temperature.


Diabetes-induced dehydration (leads to sugar imbalance due to insulin deficiency in the body) Drinking insufficient water and drinking insufficient liquid: “When you say thirsty, it may be too late to drink water! So always have your water ready with you. ”

Not to meet the daily minimum water requirement by consuming other liquids instead of water

Not to take water and other mineral-rich liquids by preferring carbonated or processed soft drinks for liquid consumption.

Infections occurring in skin burns …


Constantly increasing thirst

Dry mouth and colorless tongue


the dizziness



Being overwhelmed and fainting

Failure to sweat.

Painful urine or absence of urine (if the color of the urine is too dark, the person may experience fluid loss)


If the fever is 2 ° C above normal. (38.5 to 39)

If diarrhea persists for more than 2 days

If there is excessive and rapid weight loss

If the frequency of urination is reduced

If unconsciousness appeared

If there is a serious weakness

If pain in the chest area has started

If fainting

If a steady dizziness has begun

If you have more than 12 hours of headache


Consume at least 3 liters of water a day.

Drink mineral water to recover the minerals you lost with sweat.

Instead of cola drinks, coffee and tea; head for herbal teas, buttermilk and fresh juices.

In cases such as diarrhea, do not decrease the liquid consumption by fearing to go to the toilet. On the contrary, do not interrupt your water consumption by drinking fruit juices and salty bees obtained from fruits with high sugar content.

Prefer juicy foods instead of solid and prepared foods.

If you have to leave your home in hot weather; Leave your home by wearing cotton fabrics and do not separate your water bottle with you.

When you do sports, immediately replace the water you lost with fresh juices.

Do not wait for thirst to drink water.


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