Do You Know 10 Scientific Ways to Increase IQ?

IQ (Intelligent Quotient) is the value derived from several different standardized tests for measuring intelligence and is a way of comparing intelligence among people. In this article, you will see 10 IQ-enhancing scientific articles and recommendations that will increase your IQ based on real scientific research to increase your IQ score.

Of course, not everyone with a high IQ will be successful, but high IQ changes our perspective on many things. It makes our lives easier, especially in educational activities. Although previously thought to be fixed when a person is an adult, some new research has shown that IQ can be increased.

Some activities can increase your IQ. There is also a link between the IQ score and social status, parenthood, mortality and mortality rates. The IQ degree can determine job performance, educational development, income, even criminal tendency and special needs. According to an effect called the Flynn effect, the IQ of human societies increases by an average of 3 points every 10 years.

Here are the scientific factors that increase the IQ of 11 scientific articles:

  1. Exercise Increases IQ.

Many studies have shown that people who exercise have higher IQs than people who do not. When you exercise, the brain cells in your brain grow faster and increase. This process is called neurogenesis, and the flow of dopamine-like neurotransmitters increases.

 Most people don’t know that exercise can reduce stress and improve cognitive performance. Exercising is probably one of the easiest ways to increase IQ.

2. Stimulants and Nootropics (Smart Drugs)

The drugs Adderall and NuVigil are said to cause an increase in IQ. These drugs are known as psychostimulants and cognitive enhancers, which are widely used in America. Thanks to these drugs, faster and more information can be stored. Some students at universities abroad achieve success in their classes by getting higher grades thanks to these drugs.

Since they are chemical, their harm is unknown.

3. Complements

You can experience an increase in IQ thanks to many supplements. Especially Omega 3 is a very effective substance on children. Omega 3 has been proven to facilitate communication between neurons. Thus, it improves the memory. Of course, it makes improvements in adults. Of course, they need to be used continuously and regularly. In addition, it has been shown that 1 cup of coffee taken every day increases visual intelligence. Creatinine and ginkgo biloba are known to increase IQ. Gingko Biloba works better for the elderly.

4. Meditation

Meditation is known to reduce stress, improve mood and increase brain activity. In addition, it can be said that it increases intelligence and hence IQ. Although there are many types of meditation, transcendental meditation has proven to work. It can be said that other types of meditation also increase IQ and improve cognition.

Sitting peacefully in transcendental meditation, one eye closed, the other focusing on the specific mantra. Thus, the whole focus is enhanced by focusing the brain on one thing. Select focus-oriented meditations to increase IQ.

5. Healthy Eating and Vegetarianism?

Researchers have shown that nutrition from childhood plays an important role in IQ and brain development. Experts recommend avoiding processed foods (frozen). In general, individuals who ate processed foods were found to have lower IQ scores compared to individuals who ate healthy foods.

Another interesting study showed that those who had a vegetarian diet up to the age of 30 had a 5-point higher IQ score than non-vegetarians. Because higher IQ is associated with less obesity, healthy heart, and longevity, vegetarianism may play a role in this. Of course, it is known that fish and other meats are good for the brain. Maybe this issue needs to be investigated further. Generally, those who choose vegetarianism are generally more cultured people.

6. Brain Teasers, Puzzles

There are many brain teasers and puzzles available today. It is said that this type of intelligence games increase IQ. Of course, your mental effort will be good for your IQ and memory.

Crossword Puzzles, Puzzles, Computer games (mind-blowing), Sudoku etc. games are a factor in increasing IQ. Mental gymnastics has been found to improve memory in children. Many of these games can help increase brain activity, thinking, and memory. There are also intelligence games on Of course, after a while, 2-3 exercises come free of charge every day, even if it is paid.


Some researchers state that the environmental factor is important in having a high IQ score. It is stated that it is important for individuals to have a rich environment and high socioeconomic status. However, the most important factor in this is genetics. Of course, it is important to enter different environments again.

Active learning – Learning new things causes new connections in the brain. For example, playing chess, playing a new sport or learning a new language can really increase your IQ score.

A study conducted last year showed that learning a new language can significantly increase the IQ score.

8. Reading and Music

As a society that is not very keen on reading, I don’t think I will be successful no matter how much we explain the importance of reading.

It is stated that reading is especially important in increasing the IQ of children. Some non-scientific studies have shown that children’s IQ can increase by up to 6 points with reading. Also, reading stimulates thinking, improves vocabulary, and gives people the chance to connect about important events. A recent study revealed that reading a novel makes changes in the reader’s mind.

However, reading harder books can improve intelligence. Those who read more books are likely to have a higher IQ.

How much does your IQ increase after doing all this?

Actually, there is a simple recipe;

  Of course, it is quite difficult to do all 8 items. You can put yourself in a 90-day test. Before taking the test, take an IQ test or take it. Take the same test again after 3 months or have it done. Smoking and alcohol consumption are prohibited during the test. Studies have shown that smoking and alcohol can damage the brain.

Things to do:

Exercise for at least 15 minutes every day

  • We do not recommend taking medication, but drink one Omega 3 pill and a cup of coffee a day.
  • Read an article of at least 300 words each day or start reading a book. If you are confident, you can read compelling books.
  • Solve an intelligence-enhancing puzzle or crossword puzzle every day.
  • Find a new sport, language or a new activity that improves intelligence.
  • Enter new social environments.
  • Listen to classical or musical value music.
  • Eat a healthy diet and eat plenty of fruit.

If you follow them exactly, you will notice the change after 90 days. Even if you apply them constantly, the brain accepts development to a certain place. After all, IQ is an innate thing. Still, wouldn’t it be nice for your IQ to go up to 120 or 140?


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