Everything Is Possible With Distance Education

Lessons For Acting From Natalie Portman, For Writing From Dan BrownEverything Is Possible With Distance Education

Distance education is one of the current issues for most of the countries nowadays. It has come more to the agenda within the scope of coronavirus. The biggest moves on distance education have been coming up by the Ministries of Education in many countries. Elementary, middle and high school students started to receive education on TV and internet. The lecture videos prepared by the teachers are repeated several times a day.

So how did distance education started and how did it develop in the world?

While people imagined what the future of formal education would be like in the past century, the first image that came to mind was robot teachers. With the advent of the computer age, none of the different depictions ranging from robots, working like steam machines, to computer-shaped teachers have come true.

Technology could not replace the human-based approach in education, in the 21st century. So how can the benefits of the age be used in education? The origin of distance education is much older than the Internet. In 1728, we learn from an advertisement given to Boston Gazette that a teacher named Caleb Philipps taught the writing technique used by stenographers with lessons that he regularly sent from the mail. Education by mail is also a method that has existed for centuries.

Democratic aspect of education: Distance education has also received its share from the technological developments in the field of communication. With the spread of the Internet, massive and generic educational content was replaced by specialized and super star-level training. Today, those who want, can follow the open courses of prestigious universities in the world via online videos. From this aspect, it is possible to say that distance education has a democratic aspect.

It is possible to learn a language from the bottom up: A few decades ago, going to a collage was possible for a minority. But that is changing with technology for the world. It would be better as follows: Distance education can be considered as non-formal, instead of formal education since it does not require certain preconditions. Anyone, has an internet connection and curiosity, can benefit from online education platforms.  

Many applications developed for language learning make it possible for people to learn languages ​​from the bottom up or to maintain their language knowledge by practicing via their smart phones. Various online education platforms also provide vocational training to people for a fee. From machine learning and coding courses to how to become a stand up comedian, there are courses that can attract everyone’s attention in a wide range.

Writing Lessons From Dan Brown: MasterClass, in the United States installed in 2014, is a highly ambitious online education platform. Really “master”s teach on this platform, you can take kitchen lessons from Gordon Ramsay, film production from Martin Scorsese, acting from Natalie Portman, and writing from Dan Brown. Being able to take lessons from the names that many people will line up for signing, is also meaningful in terms of showing where the opportunities provided by the internet have come. Distance education, beside making it possible to provide widespread education in large geographies, also ensures that young generations are not deprived of education opportunities, even if schools are vacationed in the corona epidemic, which has been tested all over the world today. Distance education is one of the blessings of this new era that will allow young generations to get out of the negative developments of this period, when such a number of activities have been canceled and daily life habits are obliged to change for the first time since World War II, without losing the opportunity to receive qualified education. Could robot teachers provide this much? I think it would be best to leave the answer to this question to science fiction writers.


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