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We are going through an unusual period. We hurt for our losses; Our worries about the relentless struggle of humanity with the New Coronavirus disease are enduring. Most of us don’t even feel the frustration of delaying our closest travel plans anymore. However, getting used to despair does not suit those who are hungry to explore like us. While life was flowing normally, we were complaining about not having time for ourselves when we talked about work, school, responsibilities against our environment, struggle with the chaos of the city. Currently we have started a period which can be defined as compulsory service to ourselves. Since we cannot leave the houses, it is right time to hug the hobby that we could not start until today.

Need suggestions? Here They Are:

For the Gourmets:

• Follow the famous chefs:

Like all of us, local and foreign famous chefs are now at home and they have a lot of free time. These chefs share culinary secrets from their own accounts to inspire us. Chefs, who broadcast live from their own platforms, convey the tricks of the work, and motivate us by saying “You can do it too” like the world famous painter of the 80’s screens, Bob Ross. Italian master Massimo Bottura (@ massimobottura), one of the most beloved chefs all over the world, is one of them. The chefs we are accustomed to eating in their restaurants, this time, equip our kitchen with recipes from their homes.

• Follow food blogs.

Time for digital transformation … There are countless content on both websites and social media pages. Whether you intend to make sourdough bread or go after the secrets of the Far East or put your mind in reaching the perfect cake… Here are a few accounts that catch our attention: @thefeedfeed, @ bonappetitmag, @halfbakedharvest, @epicurious, @foodminimalist, @studiobaked

• Discover the secrets of healthy food.

All doctors and experts share: It is very important to consume foods that will strengthen our immune system in the fight against the virus. We cannot reach reliable food as easily as before, but we can feed both our soul and our gut beautifully with what we have and what the season brings. Research the benefits of foods, program a grocery nutrition calendar for yourself, schedule your grocery shopping accordingly and enjoy cooking at home!

• Try pickle with different fruits and vegetables.

In this way, you will be able to evaluate the ingredients that you stock up on your home and also benefit from the probiotic effects of homemade pickles.

For The Action Lovers:

• Rediscover the love of sports in you.

This is one of the most talked about topics of recent days – a little bit teased. While we haven’t been able to join to the gyms we enrolled for years, now we have time to revive the enthusiasm in sports. After all, we should not give up believing that these experiences will surely pass and we can catch up on summer holidays.

• Learn an activity you always want to learn from the best.

People who will start their sports activities, they can create their own sports calendar by following the Youtube channels, attending the courses that sports instructors post on Instagram Live and downloading the applications designed specifically for the subject. Remember, the healthy mind and the healthy body are too intertwined.

For the Museum Lovers:

• All the museums of the world are at your disposal.

The borders were closed due to the Coronavirus, but the digital borders became dissappear. With technological blessings, we can now navigate wherever we want as we wish. Including museums. It is possible to visit museums, which are the backbone of our historical, cultural and artistic accumulation, with the possibilities of our age. Both these practices began in the world; Nowadays, their numbers are increasing and it seems that they will increase more. You can walk around as if you are inside the museum, and examine the gallery photos uploaded to the internet one by one with their descriptions. You can take advantage of these opportunities with your children as schools are holidays almost all over the world. As the online education infrastructures from home become stronger in the upcoming period, we hope that the number of alternative cultural activities will increase.

• Discover Google Art & Culture, a platform of Google.

You can access various articles, artist and work information, various art movements and historical documents while examining the arts on the platform, which provides access to high-resolution images of various museums. These include world-famous museums such as Guggenheim, Metropolitan Museum, Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, British Museum.

For the Spiritualists:

• Take time to strengthen your mental and spiritual health.

A strong immunity goes through a positive mind and awareness, beyond the supplements we get from pharmacies. Those who have previously attended group classes and tried meditation or breathing exercises may need guidance. Meditation, which literally means ‘deep thinking’, requires a purely personal focus, so you can actually experience a deeper inner journey at home on your own. Create a space for yourself in the corner where you feel most comfortable in your home, burn your incense and candles, play your soothing meditative music in the background. (These music lists are also abundant on the internet.) Listen to yourself a bit, try to forget the problems that worry you, thank for what you have, discover the energy inside you and try to direct it to positive.

• There are numerous applications of guiding meditation techniques designed for smartphones.

The time warning systems of these applications, which offer you music lists according to the type of meditation you want to try while coaching, can also push you to a disciplined study.

• If meditation is not for you, you can try yoga.

Vinyasa, yin yoga, ashtanga, power yoga … The subject of yoga is deep. But you can find the right type that you will feel comfortable on Youtube. If you are not confident, many currently closed yoga studios can guide you through online training and conversations.

For the Art Enthusiasts:

• Let the artists, festivals and events you love reach you.

The global crisis hit the entertainment industry and arts activities badly also. Just as the festival season is approaching, all festivals, concerts are postponed or canceled. Cinema and theaters were closed. All the places we could socialize closed their doors. Fortunately, these artists and curators, which are an integral part of our lives, start to live broadcasts on social media accounts as soon as they closed their doors in order to meet our art needs and to reach their audience and fans. World-renowned artists started to give concerts from home and cultural institutions started collective interviews. Make note of many local and foreign artists you love, the publications with content from different art disciplines, on your event agenda, take your place when the broadcast starts and enjoy the art.

• Dive into the archives of the world’s most important philharmonic orchestras, opera and ballet communities at no cost.

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the top ten orchestras in the world, opened its archive, which includes hundreds of concerts, special interviews, documentaries and artist portraits with orchestra members, free of charge during the epidemic. Metropolitan Opera, one of the most important art centers in the USA, decided to broadcast online after the coronavirus epidemic. Hundreds of operas and symphonies, recorded by the institution in the past 14 years, added to the website as free streaming HD videos. Royal Opera House in London and St. Ballet communities, such as the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, publish hundreds of ballet videos both in their latest productions and the performances of ballet legends in their archives free of charge.


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