How Does Coronavirus Affect the Brain?

Neurological diseases are the cause of about 16.8 percent of deaths in the world every year, and about 10 million people die because of this.

The new type of coronavirus, spread from Wuhan all over the world, has spread to about 15 million people in 7 months. While this virus, which has trapped the whole world at home, has just known the world of science, its neurological effects are also revealed through researches.

It is pointed out that COVID-19 virus may enter the nose and reach the brain directly, and attention should be paid to symptoms such as smell and taste problems all over the world.

Doctors stated that closing the nose while wearing a mask is as important as closing the mouth, and said, “The images that terrified everyone when the virus first appeared in China also caused the virus to be heard all over the world in a short time. There were human images. The reason for this is that the virus may be located in the region that takes part in the breathing, consciousness and blood pressure controls, which we call the brain stem, and that the lungs cannot perform the correct breathing function, “he said.

Corona virus also has many neurological effects. The most common of these effects are not being able to smell, taste, but less frequently epileptic seizures, stroke and brain inflammation. Paralysis is the most dangerous of these risks. Covid-19 increases blood clotting, causing it to throw clots into the brain as it forms in the lungs.

“Virus causes brain inflammation and blockage of brain vessels”

Doctors who stated that the effects of the virus were understood by many scientific researches about Covid-19, explained the first case reported on March 5 and revealed the neurological effects of the virus as follows: The investigation shows that the virus causes inflammation of the brain tissue, which we call encephalitis, and later another study on 224 cases revealed that the virus, by increasing coagulation, blocked the vessels of the brain and caused paralysis, but these neurological effects, which overcome the virus very heavily, and tension, diabetes, heart It is seen at a higher rate in those with chronic diseases such as disease. ”

“The virus can reach the brain quickly through the nose”

The experts remarked that the virus can multiply much faster and has a risk of reaching the brain because the nose is a moist environment in terms of respiratory tract. Many flu viruses can also be affected by smell, but the difference here is that the smell in the coronavirus is completely lost.If the virus has reached the brain through the nose, it can cause brain inflammation called paralysis or encephalitis. It can give. “

What are the known neurological effects of Covid-19?

Most research on Covid-19 was done in China and the Far East, Asian countries, where the virus first appeared. Although their neurological effects are less common among other effects and therefore less discussed, their damage is more serious on individuals.

– Neurological affection was prominently observed in patients with severe course intensive care and comorbid hypertension with diabetes. Approximately one third of the patients had neurological effects.

– Patients with severe infection in the central nervous system experienced cerebral palsy in 2-3%.

– In the early period, the initiation of rapid treatments such as antithrombotic drugs in risky cases significantly increased the protection and decreased the frequency of neurological complications in our country.

– In terms of neurological involvement, it should be kept in mind that the entry of the virus through the nose may increase the risk and pay attention to the mask rule.


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