How Should You Position Your Desk According to Feng Shui?

“Feng shui can help us balance the energy in every room of our homes. It is possible to incorporate this philosophy and energy into the office environment. Whether you are working from home or going to the office, we tell you how to position your desk according to feng shui.”

Let your table face the door

“When we can’t see what’s entering our space, it creates a sense of exposure and distraction,” says the interior designer. With this logic, it’s important to make sure your desk is facing a door. This way, you can easily notice everything in and out. If this doesn’t make sense for the layout of your office space, at least avoid turning your back on the door. You can also place a small mirror on your desk so you can see the door from where you sit at your desk.

When we can easily see who is entering and leaving the room, we feel more balanced, productive and safe. Think of it like an elevator full of people; When we see that the elevator is full, we tend to stand next to the buttons because it’s a checkpoint or we put our backs against the wall because it’s the safest way to see everything.

We subconsciously want to feel in control, and when we don’t do that, it’s hard to take full care of the business ahead. Your subconscious will be more comfortable when your table is facing the door.

Combine items

The main components of feng shui are balancing the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Include plants, candles, seashells, crystals, your favorite jug, and even certain colors to your table.


Nothing disrupts focus more than a messy workspace. Make sure your table is visually inviting, clutter-free and energetically refreshed. Putting a pleasant scent on your desk, having a comfortable chair, a shelf that holds files together, and a cute pencil holder will help to gather and focus. On the other hand, do not neglect to regularly dust your table and take it away from accumulated bad energies.

You can also include things like plants or your favorite crystals to raise the energy of the field. Monstera plants, bamboo, African violets, and money trees are just a few of the plants associated with financial abundance and professional growth in feng shui.

Treat your desk like a vision board

And finally, remember that your desk can inspire you. You can think of it as a functional, interactive vision board where you realize your professional goals. Reduce your stack of books to the ones that will really motivate you and place your favorite artworks in places that will grab your attention for a visual refresh.


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