How to Prepare Detox Water at Home?

Although drinking water is a very useful and necessary habit for health, many people forget to do it in their daily life or they get lazy. Although it is difficult to get into the habit of drinking water, it is possible to sweeten it and make it healthier by throwing fresh vegetables and fruits into the water. With detox waters that you can easily prepare at home, you can get the energy your body needs, provide weight control, relieve edema and accelerate fat burning.

What does detox water do?

Detox water, which we can consume during the day for our health, which we have started to give more importance during the period we spend at home, and which is very useful in many ways, strengthens the immune and digestive systems as well as providing the energy necessary for our body. These waters, which also help reduce swelling and edema, balance blood circulation and reduce stress depending on the substances in their content.

You can use many foods, but as long as they are fresh…

You can easily prepare detox water at home, but the first thing you need to pay attention to is to use fresh fruits and vegetables according to the season. You can get the benefits of detox water with foods that are in season. Another point you should pay attention to is that the water you will use while preparing is neither too hot nor boiling nor too cold or icy. You can prepare dex water with room temperature water.

The first step is to make the right mix

Before preparing detox water at home, the first step you need to take is what kind of mixture you will prepare. It is possible to make detox waters for different purposes and you can reach many different recipes for this. After deciding which vegetables and fruits to put, you should wash and disinfect them very well. Then you have to put them in the appropriate amount of water. So can you consume it right away? Our answer is no. After putting the fruits or vegetables in thinly sliced ​​water, you should let the water rest for 10-12 hours.

Delicious and healthy detox water recipes at home

You can also prepare extremely delicious and healthy detox waters at home and spend a much healthier day. For this, how about you take a look at the simple and quick recipes we offer below?

You can prepare delicious detox water with cucumber, some mint, and lemon. For this, after washing a cucumber and a lemon very well, you can cut them into slices and throw them into the water. After throwing them in 1 liter of water, you can add 8-9 fresh mint leaves to the water. If you wish, you can also sweeten it with basil leaves.

It is also possible to prepare detox water with pear, ginger, and lemon. After thoroughly cleaning the pear and lemon, you can slice them and mix them in 1 liter of water. This time, you can shave 3-4 slices of fresh ginger and add it to the water. After a little waiting time, your very tasty and healthy detox water will be waiting for you.

Again, apple-ginger-clove or pear-grapefruit-raspberry-lemon-mint mixtures are among the food groups that you can use to prepare detox water.


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