Huawei Band 6 – Highlights

Available in Graphite Black, Amber Sunrise and Sakura Pink color options, Huawei Band 6 is a remarkable product with its health features and long battery life. We have always seen the biggest impact of Huawei’s artificial intelligence investments on battery life.

Efficient battery use in both the phones and accessories of the company is a strong plus aspect. Naturally, the Huawei Band 6 has a battery life of up to two weeks in normal use. This is a huge plus for those who don’t want to limit their charging cycle to a few days. Many users want to put these accessories on charge once and then forget about them for a long time. Naturally, battery life is an important purchasing decision. In addition, you have a battery life of up to 10 days even with your heavy use.

Of course, besides how long these devices are charged, the charging time of the battery is also important. You can use Band 6 for 2 days by just charging it for 5 minutes. So it manages not to let you down when there is an emergency.

Design Features
Speaking of design, the 1.47 inch FullView AMOLED display looks extremely stylish on your last wrist. Also, the resolution is not bad at all, the Band 6 offers a sharp and beautiful visual. Checking the screen and finding what you’re looking for is easy, just like previous Huawei Band models.

One of the points that regular sports people definitely pay attention to is ergonomics. At only 18 grams, the Band 6 is an extremely ergonomic smart bracelet. Unlike a heavy smart watch, you can quickly forget its presence on your wrist. Band 6. It was a product we liked very much in terms of design. Finally, let’s talk about durability. Thanks to its strong case structure, Huawei Band 6 can provide water resistance up to 5 ATMs. In other words, it is a strong product in terms of resistance to water and dust.

Even if you have never used Huawei smartwatches or wristbands before, it takes a very short time to get used to the Band 6. The menu controls are extremely comfortable and you don’t put too much effort into finding what you are looking for. You can customize the main screen as you wish. You can shape your wristband’s interface as you wish via Huawei’s Health application. Let us also mention that you have more than 100 options in this area.

Track Your Health Data
The most important feature of Huawei Band 6 is the data it provides to you through the sensors in it. These data are important for those who exercise regularly or just want to live healthy and free from stress. Band 6 regularly measures your heart rhythm, oxygen saturation rate in the blood, your stress level. You can follow this data at any time through the relevant menu of the wristband or through the Huawei Health application.

SpO2 means the oxygen concentration in your blood. The outdoor traveler is extremely important for mental labor, the elderly and people with related illnesses.

Thanks to Huawei TrueSleep 2.0, you can follow your sleep health in detail. TrueSleep 2.0 checks how many hours you sleep a night, when you wake up, REM sleep and many more. By using this data, you can make your sleep much healthier.

With You While Playing Sports
Another important advantage of Huawei Band 6 against competitors offering similar products is its training programs. Offering 11 professional and 85 customized training modes, Band 6 supports almost any sport you can think of. Swimming, athletics, table tennis, whatever comes to your mind.

In addition, just like sleep tracking, Huawei’s smart sports assistant helps you to track your exercise with the help of TrueSport. You can follow your exercises both through the wristband and the Health application.

Ecosystem Integration
Apart from the features I have described so far, there are also some features that are beneficial on the ecosystem side. You can track your notifications on your wristband, and even choose the notifications of the applications you want yourself. Apart from that, you can control the phone camera remotely, play your music through the wristband, or find it easily by sending it if you lost your phone.


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