Image Comparison and Analysis Tool from NVIDIA: ICAT

NVIDIA ICAT will allow us to compare images and videos side by side and will be completely free.

NVIDIA today released a new tool alongside the DLSS 2.3 update, Image Scaling technology, and Game Ready drivers. Special software called ICAT lets anyone compare gameplay screenshots and videos with ease.

NVIDIA ICAT will join existing tools such as LDAT (Latency and Image Analysis Tool), PCAT (Power Capture Analysis Tool) and FCAT (Frame Capture Analysis Tool). However, unlike reviewers only and tools with limited access, ICAT will be available to everyone.

Alongside DLSS technology, the green team introduced an image scaling technology called Image Scaling. In addition, there are FidelityFX Super Resolution technologies on the AMD side and XeSS technologies on the Intel side. This solution from NVIDIA will help people see the difference between these upgrade technologies. At the same time, players will be able to decide which quality mode is the better choice in games. The possibilities of ICAT are pretty endless, so we shouldn’t think of it as a DLSS benchmarking tool and it can be used in many fields.

Most importantly, we will be able to compare not only images, but also videos. This is especially important when comparing AI-based image reconstruction technologies with spatial high-level techniques. NVIDIA ICAT will be available for download from starting today.


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