Impact of Technology on Modern Television

In this universe, television is the most popular device after phone. Everyone has a TV or more than one TV, in their house. Most of the people don’t know, maybe they don’t want to know but they spend a lot of time with these little
boxes. TV is getting more important for our lives because of the technological changes.

Before the TV, there are 24 hours in a day, too. At that time, the family members were talking with each other all the time because they had time to do it. When we look at today; Unfortunately, we don’t pay enough attention. For example; we even don’t talk about our day, our problems, our likes or
dislikes. Consequently, we are slowly moving away from each other.

Secondly, we can hear from everyone telling that they are busy. Actually, we are busy so our time is not scheduled. Time is passing so quickly in front of the TV and so we can’t do the other things that we have to do. We forget lots of things, for example; doing homework, saying something,
turning off the stove etc.

In conclusion, TV isn’t a harmful thing but watching to much will definitely effect us in a negative way. We should use it consciously. Time will become more valuable if we become professional users.


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