Instagram Is Switching To Link Stickers Instead of Swipe Up Links

Instagram stories will now use Link Stickers instead of scrolling.

Instagram has decided to remove Swipe Uplinks from stories. This feature was used profusely by creators and brands and was a popular feature that would drive users to their website or online store. Let’s also underline that the feature will be discontinued on August 30. Instead, Instagram users with access to Swipe Uplinks will now be able to use a new feature called Link Stickers.

Instagram has talked about how it has been testing the new feature since June, and only a handful of users currently have access to it. On the other hand, the company plans a wider rollout at the end of this month. Businesses and creators who are verified on the platform and have enough followers will add Link Stickers to their stories.

Anchor Tags may seem like an unnecessary feature at first, but they actually have some advantages over Swipe Uplinks. For example, creators will be able to choose from a variety of styles, resize stickers and place them anywhere in the story without any hassle.

Followers will also be able to react and respond to stories with Link Stickers, a feature that was not previously available with Swipe Uplinks. However, Instagram is currently considering expanding Link Stickers to more accounts in the future.

On the other hand, Instagram announced new anti-hate features in the middle of this month. The feature, Instagram’s new anti-hate feature, allows limiting comments and requests on popular posts.


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