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Learn How to Sleep All Night and Not Wake Up

It is not difficult to get rid of this problem if you complain about not sleeping well. A healthy arrangement that you will make especially in your eating and drinking habits can make you sleep soundly…

What Should Be Done?

The first rule is to be able to rest spiritually and physically and start the day energetically, it is a quality sleep. Pointing out the importance of quality rather than the duration of sleep, experts say that the sleep time everyone needs is different and this period may change periodically. In the fast pace of our age, sleeping eight hours a day, as usually suggested, may not be possible for everyone. But it is up to us to make this period efficient…

How Should It Be Fed?

Be sure to start the day with breakfast for a long feeling of wellness. Carbohydrates such as bread and corn flakes, which are consumed for breakfast, provide a relaxing function by causing the hormone called serotonin to be secreted. Avoid foods that are high in simple sugar and drinks that are very high in caffeine. These can create a feeling of lighthead later in the day.

Set Your Biological Clock

We should accustom our biological clock to sleep at similar times every day. Just as if we feel that we are hungry without looking at the clock and give us the habit of eating snacks at certain times, our hours of falling asleep and waking should be determined in this way. Of course, our life may not always be suitable for this situation, but the important thing is to catch this rhythm.

Eat a Large Volume of Low Calories

Eat something light and not going to sleep before going to bed. Drinking light yogurt or milk next to one serving of seasonal fruit will be nourishing two hours after your dinner, which I assume you eat at 19.30-20.00. You can also provide a calming effect by adding a little cinnamon to the warm milk.

Eat Herbal Tea All Day Long

Avoid caffeinated beverages. The use of valerian, pinwheel, oat stalk and chamomile plants can help people suffering from insomnia, or insomnia.

Don’t Stress

Do not go to bed thinking of endless works, unpaid bills, your lover that you get angry with. Water is one of the most important helpers to relieve stress. Drink water at room temperature to relieve stress, wash your hand, take a warm shower. Fall asleep imagining the events, people, moments that make you happy.

Treat Yourself

A few special watches that you will spare for yourself, the little gifts you will receive can fulfill your energy. For this, you can spend time in a SPA center, go to the cinema and enjoy.

Take Care Not to Drink Alcohol

Fermented beverages can cause drowsiness in some individuals and may cause sudden ups and downs in some individuals. Especially energy drinks or alcoholic beverages prepared with them provide energy to people during the night, which may cause poor sleep quality.

Don’t Be Without Vitamins

Insomnia or excessive tendency to sleep may indicate that the body is poor in certain vitamins and minerals. To find out the exact cause of this situation, you should have a blood test and get the necessary support under the control of the expert.

Be Mobile

In the afternoon, you can discharge by doing exercises, you can join an exercise program that will make you forget about the troubles in your mind and help you to remove excess energy. Sport causes the body to produce energy, not fatigue.

Follow Six Meal Rules

Make three main and three snacks a philosophy of life. Try to eat fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits.


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