Microsoft Develops DLSS and FSR Alternative Technology

Microsoft is working on artificial intelligence-based scaling technology for use on consoles.

For years, the console market has focused on image quality and resolution rather than high frame rates. In this context, not only the powerful hardware but also the software side of the business is very important. Microsoft is working on improving the DirectML API, similar to FidelityFX Super Resolution and DLSS technologies.

The company plans to develop a scaling technology, possibly for use on Xbox Series S/X consoles. We don’t know how much progress Microsoft has made in this regard. But it seems clear that he has posted two job postings on his website: Senior Software Engineer for Graphics and Chief Software Engineer.

Also, a few notes in the job posting stand out. Microsoft says it’s looking for engineers to implement machine learning in graphics software to satisfy millions of gamers, and to develop software on the machine learning side for hardware in the future.

The goal of the Redmond giant is to provide “high resolutions and frame rates” thanks to machine learning. So much so that these studies can also be used on Microsoft Series X and Series S consoles. We look forward to seeing what alternatives the company will offer in the next few years.


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