Miners Now Eyes on Processors

Cryptocurrency miners are eyeing AMD Ryzen processors for large L3 cache sizes.

According to a recent report from Bitcoin Press, the new Raptoreum (RTM) crypto could create a new crisis for AMD Ryzen processors. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that you can mine with graphics cards or ASICs, Raptoreum uses processors. It’s even aimed specifically at chips with large caches like AMD’s Ryzen, Threadripper or EPYC.

Raptoreum, which has been on the testnet for three years, was launched earlier this year. Mainstream Zen 3 processors like the Ryzen 9 5950X and Ryzen 9 5900X have up to 64MB of L3 cache. According to information from the Raptoreum Mining Profitability Calculator, the Ryzen 9 5950X and Ryzen 9 5900X offer 4,247 hrs and 3,557 hrs performance, respectively. The first CPU can save 205 Raptoreum per day and the second 172 Raptoreum.

More serious cryptocurrency miners can take advantage of AMD’s core-heavy Ryzen Threadripper or EPYC products. Such investors are involved in this business for a longer period of time. For example, the Ryzen Threadripper 3970X can mine 404 Raptoreum per day, while a chip like the EPYC 7742 can gain 597 Raptoreum. In addition, let’s add that the newly introduced Milan-X processors carry huge caches up to 768 MB.

Raptoreum doesn’t seem to be much of a problem for Ryzen chips at the moment and there is enough stock. But Ryzen processors with 3D V-Cache are said to offer up to 192MB of L3 cache, and things can vary in size.


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