New Technologies to Help the Elderly

Technology provides great convenience for elderly people as well as in all areas of life. These new technologies and devices, which are used at many points that elderly people need, continue to become widespread in homes, outdoors, nursing homes and hospitals. These technologies can be life-saving from time to time for our elderly people who cannot do their daily activities in many areas due to their advancing age. How about remembering a few of the technologies that helped them during Seniors Week?

Phones with big keys

Our sweet elders are more technology-savvy than we think, and most of all they like to use smartphones. However, they sometimes find it difficult to use the numerous features of many smartphones produced today. Here, phones with large keys are coming to their aid. These phones, which can see and press the keys more easily, also contain many features such as accessing health services that the elderly can use in case of emergency and calling their relatives faster.

Smart watches that can track everything

Another device that will help the elderly in every sense is smart watches. Smart watches with which they can monitor many health functions from heart rate to heart rate, from the number of steps to the time of taking medication, also contain many life-saving features for the elderly who have difficulty using mobile phones and those with diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Home robots

Robots, which are used in homes and undertake different functions and tasks, are another technology that helps the elderly. These robots, which perform their daily tasks according to different commands and help the elderly at many different points, are frequently used not only in homes, but also in hospitals and similar health institutions. Some of these robots, which act as an assistant assistant, contain software that can reach healthcare professionals in emergency and important situations.

Safe cooking systems

One of the most serious and important problems experienced by the elderly, especially if they live alone, is forgetting something on the stove or in the oven. In order to prevent this situation, which can turn into a serious fire in a short time and endanger the lives of many people, you can use one of the devices that measures the temperature and automatically turns off when it exceeds a certain degree. This technology, which is also integrated into ovens, first gives a warning when the heat in the stove or oven reaches a certain point, and then turns itself off.

TV listening devices

One of the most difficult issues for the elderly is hearing. Wireless TV listening devices are one of the technologies developed to find a solution to the hearing problem that increases with advancing age. Compatible with smart TVs, these devices function as a headset, making it easier for the elderly to watch TV. In addition, the neighbors are comfortable because they do not turn up the volume of the TV too much.


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