Pay Attention to Home Accidents On Covid-19 Period

Among the home accidents, falls are the most common. These falls are mostly on slippery ground or falling from height. It is clear that due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we have to spend more time at home than ever before, and that more attention should be paid to home accidents.

Children and older people fall the most:

Even if it is inside the home, falling from height is surprisingly more frequent. Injuries related with bumping is also a home accident. As a result of a bumping people can fall also. Generally, the fall is happening in two populations a lot; children between the ages of 5 and 6, and older individuals older than age of 65. It can be either falling from a height, a bunk or a ladder, or falling from a window. Especially in children, we come across a lot. Therefore, being under supervision of adults is very important for reducing such accidents. Inside the home; we come across falling in the room, kitchen and bathroom. We are also witnessing to fall from the stairs without handrails in duplex apartment. There is also the risk of accident related with cut in the time spent at home. We also come across sprains and crashes. Housewives were stated as in high risk group for this kind of injuries, but since all family members in home because of Covid-19, this risk is valid for all the family members now.

Be Careful About Bunk Bed!

Supervision of adults is very important in preventing home accidents for children. In researches, regardless of age groups, human factor is in the first place and environmental factors are in the second place in all home accidents. It is mostly in the form of falling in children. So the precautions are very important. Bunk beds are usually used by families with many children. Children under 6 years old should not sleep on the second floor of it. Sections children run through, like the corridor, should not be kept as much toys and items as possible. Measures should be taken to open and close the windows, and there should not be any items such as a cradle, bed or coffee table near the window. Places around the windows must kept empty. Another important point, heavy items should not be kept in high places. They must be on the ground. Because they can fall on children and cause serious injuries.

Measures should also be taken for the older age group:

The necessary factors should be regulated for the older age group and attention should be paid to measures for home accidents. There shouldn’t be any items on the stairs. Stairs must be with handrails. Handles and hangers can be placed in the hallway and bathroom. Attention should also be paid to the slipperiness of the floors. Attention should also be paid to lighting for visual disorders. It is also necessary to keep continue older individuals’ check-ups. Because these falls can cause neurological. We see more fractures, especially hip fractures, in older individuals. Vitamin D and Calcium supplements should be applied under the control of the doctor, especially in women. Bone density should also be known and followed. In elderly individuals with visual and neurological impairment or severe osteoporosis, some clothes should be considered for the protection of hip and knee circumference and spine. Supporting some parts of clothes can be protective for simple bumps and falls.

Pay attention to injuries of cut on middle ages:

In home accidents, there are usually cuts we face by middle ages. The time spent at kitchen increased due to the Covid-19 outbreak. In this regard, it is necessary to pay attention to cuts. For example, knives should definitely be stored in wood or similar preservatives. Knife shoul be use on cutting-board and they need to be dry to prevent finger cuts. Also a first aid kit must be placed close to the kitchen.


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