Positive and Negative Aspects of Distance Education

Distance education has become a necessity, especially due to the Corona epidemic in recent days. How much can an online education model, in which there is a lack of infrastructure, and that students and educators are not fully adaptable, actually benefit? What are the pros and cons of the distance education model, which is applied all over the world and whose importance is increasing day by day?

In fact, distance education is nothing more than going to school without leaving your home or workplace, studying and studying without meeting your teachers or classmates face-to-face. This is just a process that requires you to demonstrate your own effort to train. If the training given in the online education system is not live, then it usually gives you the chance to forward your questions to the educator by e-mail or instantly. Live education is generally of limited duration, so there may be a limit to asking questions during the lesson. The way to overcome this situation is that the trainee should reinforce that lesson from various sources and even share information from online forum-style sites.

There are several reasons why distance learning is a good alternative, but we cannot say that there is absolutely no downside. Although the advantages of online education in general are more than the disadvantages, the concept of education on the internet is not accepted by everyone.

Advantages of Online Education

Distance education is used not only for beginners but also for higher education stages such as master’s. The fact that it is a necessity especially in this period can be attributed to the Corona epidemic. However, many institutions are already planning to switch to online education. We can say that this process only accelerated the stages. For this reason, it is not considered much at this stage that this system will contribute 100%.

We can list the advantages of distance education as follows:

• It is preferred because it is profitable in terms of time and money. Especially for books, transportation etc. The main reason for preference is the lack of costs.

• As it provides students with the opportunity to receive education regardless of time and place, it also provides the same opportunity for educators. This situation is preferred by both sides as it makes life easier.

• Since distance education students can take their lessons at known times or whenever they want, it does not create a problem in working at a job or in implementing their daily plans.

• As distance education destroys distances, you can study or give training from all over the world.

• Another advantage of distance education is the ability to do it again. In case you think you do not understand a lesson, you can open the topic of that lesson and watch it over and over again.

• Students and educators, especially those with physical disabilities, may have difficulties in reaching their schools. Thanks to distance education, this situation is eliminated and everyone can only give education or receive training on the internet at their chosen place.

• In a normal classroom it is difficult for a teacher to devote private time to his student. However, when it comes to online training, it can allocate personal time to the extent allowed by the software. For example, the trainer can give only one person the right to speak by muting 19 people in online training for 20 people. Thus, a more efficient lesson is taught.

Disadvantages of Distance Education

Everyone agrees that distance education has many advantages. However, it is a fact that it has some disadvantages that are not considered or ignored.

We can list the disadvantages of distance education as follows;

• Generally, questions asked in non-live trainings are not answered immediately. In this case, questionnaires are used and the trainer is expected to answer. This situation may cause the student not to be able to fully control the subject.

• The distance education model is not suitable for all courses. For example, it is not suitable for you to show a chemistry experiment to students. Generally, it is suitable for lessons that we can call verbal and do not require additional needs from outside.

• Even though it is considered compulsory today, online training was not valued before. Especially employers could dismiss them. Because of Corona, they now understand the importance of online education better.

• Even if online education is independent of time and place, some lessons may require materials. In this case, if you do not have instant access, you may not be able to get efficiency from the course.

• Online educational institutions that do not have accreditation do not actually provide training to you. You should inquire about this situation especially on the internet. Otherwise, your labor and money may be wasted.

• We can say that there is almost no face-to-face interaction with distance education. Therefore, it is necessary to accept this.

• If you cannot create your own program, that is, if you have problems with discipline, online education may not be efficient for you.

• In general, if you do not have the ability to manage your own life, your chances of success in distance education are very low.

Conclusion on Distance Education

Even if the issue of distance education has gained importance recently, it is actually a well-known education model. It would be best for you to decide if it is suitable for you, considering the above advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand, due to the epidemic, you may need to take online training compulsorily. In this case, you need to familiarize yourself with the discipline and make your schedule. In short, whether you are successful or unsuccessful in online education is up to you. The more active you can use the internet and the more you consolidate the trainings you receive, the more likely you will be successful in that area.


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