PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS Season 13 Brings Updates to Taego and Sanhok Maps

PUBG 13.1 update also updates the game maps with the introduction of the new ranked season.

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Season 13.1 brings several updates to the recently released Taego map set in 1980s South Korea, when it launches on PC servers on August 4 and consoles on August 12. Chief among these updates is the Taego Secret Room, which will randomly appear on the map, where players can find the best items. However, players will have to discover a secret key before they can access the secret room!

Season 13 also introduces the new ranked season, adjustments to the Sanhok map, new Taego features, and more.

New Ranked Season: Update 13.1 introduces the new ranked season, so all rewards earned during Ranked Season 12 will be automatically added to players’ inventory when Season 13 starts on August 4th. Ranked season 13 will run for 2 months, similar to recent ranked seasons.

Tango Adjustments: In addition to the aforementioned Secret Room, TAEGO will have an increase in the number of Player Assistance Packs that allow all players to obtain more valuable items. The map will also introduce aircraft emergency landings at the beginning of some matches. While players are in the air on the map, there will be times when the aircraft engine will explode and force an emergency landing. If players decide not to jump before the plane lands, they start the match with 50% HP.

Sanhok Updates: Despite getting a full refresh in 2020, the PUBG Studios team continues to develop Sankhok. With 13.1, the map has been updated with small cliffs and cliffs providing concealment for players moving along the coast in the geography of the Northwest Island.

Map Rotation: With 13.1, Paramo was replaced by Karakin in regular matches. The new Map Rotation is as follows.

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Vikendi
  • Karakin

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