Spotify Extends Live Lyrics Feature to All Users

Spotify announced the other day that it has expanded the availability of its live lyrics feature to more regions. The music streaming service has partnered with Musixmatch for this and the feature will be available to all free and premium members across the various platform. The live lyrics feature was first introduced in June 2020 for users in Asia, the Caribbean, and South America. The mentioned feature synchronizes the lyrics with the song being played.

Spotify states in a blog post that it has made the live lyrics feature available to users around the world. The music streaming service says it’s expanding its existing partnership with Musixmatch to be able to show lyrics via in-app access to most of its vast library of tracks. The current feature is designed to be open to all users. Users will be able to experience the new feature on Android, iOS apps, Spotify desktop client, TV and game consoles.

Lyrics in the Spotify mobile app can be viewed by swiping up in a song’s “Now Playing” view. Thanks to the feature, the lyrics are synchronized with the song and automatically scroll upwards as the song progresses. Spotify also offered users the ability to directly share lyrics by tapping the share button at the bottom of the screen. Similarly, users in the desktop app will be able to click the on-screen “microphone” icon to view the lyrics of a song.

Finally, it should be noted that the lyrics that can be viewed through the Spotify Lyrics program can now be viewed within the application.


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