Steam May Ban Games With Cryptocurrency And NFT Content

Steam, the world’s largest game distribution service, will completely remove games containing crypto money and NFT from the platform.

According to SpacePirate Games, the developer of Age of Rust, one of the interesting productions among first-person adventure games, Steam will prevent the release of games based on crypto money and NFT. In the image shared by the studio on its Twitter account, we see that applications connected to blockchain technology that allow cryptocurrency or NFT exchange are included in the title “Cannot be published on Steam”. Although Valve does not make a clear statement on the subject, the item we mentioned was added on October 6, 2021. Because this is easily understood in the pages cached by Google.

NFTs in Age of Rust, developed by SpacePirate, are planned to be awarded to players according to completed missions. In the game development phase, however, it has already attracted the attention of many people. On the other hand, the idea of Steam management is to ensure that items with a valid value in the world are not included on the platform. In this way, with the prevention of frauds, Valve will not have to deal with forensic problems. Also, let’s not forget that Age of Rust will be published on another site.

Although the number of newly popular NFT-based games is increasing day by day, it is likely that developer companies will agree with different game distribution platforms due to Valve’s perspective on the subject. Especially Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney’s positive attitude towards blockchain-related games can be considered as a support for game makers in this category. The only question mark in mind is how fair this prohibitive attitude towards cryptocurrencies or NFTs is, while the items sold on the Steam Community Market have a monetary value. In the coming days, we will continue to convey the developments that will occur after the announcement that Valve is expected to make. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments.


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