Stressful Job Stories Voiced by 8 Employees Who Work in a Job They Don’t Like

It is quite normal to have a bad day or a bad week at your workplace. The real problem is when this time gets longer and goes into an endless loop. If your feet want to go back every morning on your way to your office, and stress and nervousness do not leave you burning, there may be worse days for your health and social life. We have compiled 8 steps for you to do what you don’t like will affect your life badly. Do what you love, never work!

1. Work stress can only be the cause of migraine pain.

Nicole, who has been working under intense work stress for 4 years and complaining of migraine pain, says she has never experienced headaches during the 3-week leave period. He adds that he put a wedding rush into this two-week holiday. Niki, who quit his job afterwards, has suffered from migraine pains not exceeding the fingers of just one hand since then.

2.There are people who have anxiety and hives because of their boss

Joan, who works as a civil servant in America, says that she actually likes her job, but when she works with her boss, she starts to have a cold sweat. Feeling stressed even when her boss received mail, Joan was unable to sleep due to stress attacks. Joan, who quit when she was 38, says she felt 100 times better and made her family happier after that day.

3.An interesting side effect of work stress is even foot odor.

Nicole, who works in the R&D (R&D) unit of a packaging firm, says she started hating her job when she was transferred to the sales unit. Niki, who worked in the sales unit for 8 weeks, says she experienced a bad foot odor during this time, and that the odor disappeared after she resigned from work. There is also research that stress can cause foot odor.

4. If you started grinding your teeth, it may be because of bad work environment and work stress.

Britt Marie, who previously had chronic illnesses, says her symptoms worsened after 1 year at a job she didn’t like. During this period, Marie started grinding her teeth, resigned from her job and started to work as a mortgage consultant.

5. Work stress can even affect fertility

Megan, who has been working at a job she dislikes for years, has tried many times to have children in this process, but failed. Megan eventually resigned and started a favorite job at an advertising company, and soon became pregnant after she changed jobs. Now she has a 6 year old daughter. Research conducted in 2018 reveals the effects of stress on fertility rate.

6. Constant pain and weakening mental health

Saying that her whole body is aching and constantly nervous, Emily says she cannot even enjoy her holidays due to work stress. Toxic workplaces can adversely affect your health, both physically and mentally.

7.Loss of self-esteem in a poor work environment can also affect your future

Toni , who works for a large phone company, suffers from working in an office he feels worthless. On the one hand, Steve, who also made other job applications, says that his self-esteem hurt even more when the job applications were not answered. Do what you feel valuable, regardless of earnings.

8.Hair loss is not just a genetic problem

Saying that her hair has gained volume and increased after she retired, Steve says that she now likes Sundays. Monday syndrome stress can also ruin a Sunday.

Bonus: Learn to deal with stress

Listen to yourself. Read the messages your body gives you. What makes you you is not your job or your monthly income. If you are working under intense stress, talk to your manager and colleagues first and try to improve conditions. Get relaxed hobbies outside of work. If stress symptoms persist, changing jobs may be a sensible solution.


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