Tesla Offers Children’s Electric ATV for Sale

Tesla has put its all-electric ATV for sale for $ 1,900 for children aged 8 and over.

Tesla quietly launched its $1,900 electric ATV for kids. This vehicle, which is a children’s version of the electric ATV “Cyberquad” announced by Tesla about two years ago, can now be ordered through Tesla’s website. In two to four weeks, electric ATVs will begin to be shipped to their owners.

According to the news shared by The Verge, this new and small-sized Cyberquad is designed for children 8 years and older. The product includes a steel chassis, air cushioned seat, rear disc brake and adjustable suspension. Even LED light bars have been added to complete the vehicle’s cyberpunk aesthetic. The maximum speed of this all-electric ATV is approximately 16 km per hour, while the vehicle’s battery provides power up to a range of approximately 24 km.

In addition, the electric ATV has three different speed settings: 8 km, 16 km and 8 km backwards. In addition, Tesla states that it will take up to 5 hours for the vehicle to be fully charged, and the range provided by the battery may vary depending on the user’s weight, driving terrain and speed setting. Finally, it should be noted that this electric ATV, which is special for children, is currently only available for sale in the USA.


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