The Best Animated Movies of 2020!

You can watch these animation movies with your all family. Cartoons have a side that makes people relax and laugh. The first animated film is ‘Fantasmagorie’ created by Charles-Emile Reynaud in 1892. Modern creators understand that adults, just like children, want to relax and have fun. Therefore, they make animated movies that you can watch and have fun with your family. We wrote 7 new animated movies that you can watch with Popcorn.

1. Spies in Disguise

A great animation for those who love agent movies. Lance is a self-confident agent who loves to save cities and countries. Walter, on the other hand, brings a different perspective to the agent world with his inventions. Will these two characters, which are opposite each other, unite and save the world?

2. The Willoughbys

It is a US and Canadian co-animated film based on Lois Lowry’s book. It is the story of 4 children who want to grow on their own. For this, they decide to send their parents on vacation. But the decision to be without a parent becomes an adventure and a nightmare for them.

3. Wish Dragon

It is a comedy animated film based on the original story of Chris Appelhans, produced by Jackie Chan. The story in modern china is very similar to Aladdin. A child meets a dragon that can fulfill any wish. This meeting is the beginning of a great friendship.

4. A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Aardman Animations Studio connects us with another adventure of Shaun the sheep. This time Shaun faces a spaceship that threatens creatures. Shaun decides to catch the mysterious alien. He tries to return his friend Lu-La home at all costs.

5. Wonder Park

June always wanted to set up an amusement park. This story tells about June and her friends’ struggle to save an amusement park. June, the only person who can save the endangered amusement park, is meeting with her adorable friends to save and restore this magical place.

6. The Addams Family

The Addams Family is a classic in the world of cinema. This family had many fans waiting for them to return to the screens. Although this family seems strange, they are not at all like that. Having a happy life in their home, this family is drifting on an adventure.

7. Trolls: World Tour

Poppy and Branch, which we met in the first movie on Trolls: World Tour, the sequel of 2016’s Trolls, comes once again. We will witness the fun-filled adventures of Poppy and Branch. Poppy and Branch learn that they are members of one of the six separate troll tribes around the world. In this land where each tribe represents punk, country, techno, classical music, pop and rock, Queen Barb, a member of the hard-rock group, wants to destroy all other music types with the help of her father King Trash. Poppy and Branch save the fate of the world from danger and fight Queen Barb.


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