The Bruise Under the Eye – Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Under-eye bruises are a skin problem that sometimes happens to us. Under-eye bruises, which can occur for many different reasons such as fatigue and genetic factors, aesthetically disturb us and affect our quality of life.

In such cases, if your hand goes to chemical products, stop there. Because many natural foods that are good for under-eye bruises and help you get rid of them in a short time are actually at hand.

So come, “What causes under-eye bruises?”, “What is good for under-eye bruises, how do they pass?” Let’s look for answers to your questions.

Under-eye bruises, which are among the most common skin problems, may have more than one cause. The main reasons are as follows:

  • Genetic inheritance
  • Irregular sleep, fatigue, stress
  • Insufficient fluid intake
  • Vitamin B, C, E and K deficiencies
  • Hormonal changes
  • Nasal congestion, cold
  • Allergic factors
  • Side effects of drugs
  • Harmful sun rays

Foods that are good for under eye bruises

By using chemical products such as concealer and cream for under-eye bruises, you can bring more harm than good to your existing skin problem. However, all natural ingredients in your kitchen can cure under-eye bruises and save you from this problem in a short time.

Before sorting these nutrients, it is also worth noting that; We recommend that you consult a doctor before using it regularly, in case you are allergic or sensitive to these natural ingredients.


Cucumber with 96% water content will provide the liquid support that your under eye skin needs. To take advantage of these properties of cucumber, which will have a soothing and cooling effect, remove the water and apply it to your under eye area with a cotton ball. If you wish, you can cut it into thin slices and apply the cucumber slices that you keep in the refrigerator directly to your eyes.

Tea bag

You can also benefit from tea, which allows blood vessels to expand. All you need to do is place a freshly used tea bag in the area where you have bruises under the eyes and let it sit for 15 minutes.


Another food that takes swelling in the eyes and passes under-eye bruises is potato. You can apply the potato slices directly to the region, as well as you can remove the juice of the raw potatoes you grate with a cheesecloth, and you can wash your face with warm water after waiting for 15 minutes on the cotton under the eye under the bruise.


Remedy for under-eye bruises, which usually arise due to vitamin C and vitamin K deficiency, comes from the C-and-K vitamin depot parsley. To take advantage of the parsley that will remove puffiness and make your skin look natural, just chop it and soak it in hot water and apply it to the area with the help of a cotton ball.

Lemon juice

You can also benefit from lemon juice, a source of vitamin C. However, the point you should be careful about is not to apply lemon juice too close to the eye area without missing your eyes. You can also apply lemon juice to purple areas with the help of a cotton.


Milk allows you to get your own natural skin color by opening the bruises under your eyes. Make a cold compress on this area of cotton soaked in cold milk and let it sit for ten minutes. It’s that simple.


Avocado moisturizes the skin and remedies under-eye bruises. For this, we prepare a simple avocado mask. Puree 1 avocado inside, add 1 egg white and 1 tablespoon lemon. Apply to your face in a thin layer. After 30 minutes, wash with cold water.

Almond Oil

Almond oil, which will moisturize your skin, actually acts as a natural emollient. Put a piece of cotton soaked in almond oil in your under eye area before going to bed at night. When you wake up in the morning, wash your face with warm water. You will notice that you have regained your old, healthy skin in a week.


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