The Formation of Corporate Culture

The concept of culture is one of the important concepts for every society and nation. For this reason, the concept of culture has been studied by many scientists and many definitions have been introduced. Culture is a broad concept that includes the traditions, customs, family relations, friendship relations and special days of a nation. Culture is the legacy of past years to future generations. Societies survive thanks to their culture and can continue to exist for a long time. Scientists studying the concept of culture continued their research starting from primitive societies.

It includes all of the material and spiritual values ​​put forward by the individuals who make up the culture society. Culture is created by individuals and is passed on to future generations by individuals. The transmission of culture beyond generations is also possible thanks to the individuals living in that society.

The content of the concept of culture varies from society to society. The common aspect of the concept of culture, which changes according to life styles, in all societies is to keep society together and to be put forward by individuals.

Corporate culture, on the other hand, is all of the values ​​that are valid in a certain institution and that determine a common goal and purpose that keep the individuals working in that institution together. Corporate culture is the common vision and common mission of all individuals in the institution. It is the abandonment of personal feelings and thoughts by acting jointly for the institution. A sense of belonging must be developed in order for the corporate culture to develop and become fully functional. The formation of corporate culture and the acceptance of all individuals depend on the understanding of management of my institution. For corporate culture, first of all, the corporate manager should determine a certain vision and mission.

Corporate culture covers the entire process within the institution. In addition, the functioning of the institution, goals, certain patterns, thoughts, things to do during the day and things to be considered, use of technology and symbols among individuals are some of the elements that make up the corporate culture. Corporate culture is an outside view of the workplace. It shows the behavioral patterns of all personnel working in the institution.

The Formation of Corporate Culture

The formation of corporate culture takes place after a certain period of time. It involves a long and complicated process. Managers are of great importance in the formation of corporate culture. The relationship of the manager with the staff is important.

Corporate culture can be created spontaneously or by individuals in the process. The spontaneous formation of corporate culture without external guides is the determining factor in the beliefs and values ​​of the personnel. When the staff is effective in the formation of the corporate culture, the loyalty of the staff to the institution increases. In this way, productivity and happiness of the employees are also increased.

Individuals who are effective in the creation of corporate culture are also effective in the continuation of the corporate culture. Employees must work together for a certain period of time to establish corporate culture. The length of working time is also very important for the continuity of the corporate culture.


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