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The Keyword of Happiness

We don’t always need big things to be happy.

What makes you happy?

A car, a bag maybe just a little doll of course these are makes us happy, but sometimes happiness is so different thing. A hobby, walking, speaking, even the little things we can easily reach can make you happy. People express their happiness in words. There are many different words of happiness all over the word.

Let’s see what words give happiness!

The first word from Japon. The word is “shinrin – yoku.” This meaning “forest bath.” When you get stuck between the problems of modern society when your mood falls, take a walk among the tall trees. Even just standing quietly next to these great beings is like taking a bath in your mind body and soul.

Second word “ho opono pono” from Hawaii. Hawaiians think that concepts such as grudge, hatred and anger do the real harm to ourselves. So they say “ho opono pono” when they get angry “pono” means, “do the right thing”. Repeating twice means doing the right thing for yourself and for the other one.

The other ones is from Norway “friluftsliv“. It means something like open air. The “open air” after a long winter is a great source of happiness for Norwegians.

The word used by the German for happiness is “gemütlichkeit“. Its means; creating a comfortable and worm atmosphere for yourself. You can only do this by meeting with your friends and family.

The fifth word comes from Spain “Siesta” means afternoon sleep. A 20-minute siesta between busy work tempo can really make you happy.

Unlike Spanish for the French happiness comes before dinner, not after lunch. The word they use for this is “Aperitif”.

The another one from Turkey “Keyif” the meaning of this word is body well-being, health, vitality, carefree, peace of mind, peace, enjoyment. Even saying these words is enough to comfort people.

The last word from Africa “ubuntu.” The origin of this word from Nigeria is taken from the term “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” in the Zulu language. One to one translation: “Human is a human with a human”. So its not just a description of happiness, it’s a kind of philosophy of life. Humanity is only possible if you and I are together. How can we describe happiness better then this.

As a result, there are many words to be happy. I wish you happy day.


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