Third-Party Apps and Events Era Begins for Zoom

With Zoom Apps and Zoom Events features, third-party application and event creation support are provided.

Two new features have been announced by Zoom, Zoom Apps, and Zoom Events. Thus, for Zoom, it is now possible to create virtual events as well as support for third-party applications.

Zoom Apps is being launched as an official way to download third-party apps that help improve your Zoom experience. With the latest version of the software, users will now be able to see the “Applications” section with more than 30 options. The company, Asana, Dropbox Spaces, Dot Collector, Funtivity, Kahoot! and many more are available in the store, but users will still be able to download their preferred services outside the platform, such as the mmHmm app created by the Evernote founder.

Zoom Events, on the other hand, will provide everything you need to create, host, and manage a virtual or hybrid event. Whether it’s a big sales meeting, unique customer experience, or in-house event, or corporate summit, the company says the feature has it all. With this feature, you can:

Manage and host interactive sessions or one-to-many presentations using Zoom Meetings and Zoom Video Webinars

  • Creating your own branded event centers
  • Creating multi-session events
  • Providing a chat lobby for the participant network, inside and outside of a session
  • Offer customizable ticketing and registration
  • Hosting public or private free or paid events
  • Additionally, Zoom Events users can expect additional capabilities to host multi-day and multi-channel events via simultaneous sessions in the fall of 2021.

Zoom has released its new Video Software Development Kit (SDK) in the past months, which creates endless possibilities for video communication, participation, and collaboration.


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