What is Digital Storytelling Tips and Tricks

Stories are one of the most important elements of the culture that people have transferred to each other both in writing and verbally for thousands of years, which is the most entertaining method of information exchange, and where the limits of imagination are pushed from time to time. Storytelling, which also allows people to communicate with each other and enters our daily lives as a natural part of education today, has begun to move to a different dimension by adapting to the conditions of the day. Traditional storytelling, which has been going on verbally and then in writing since the day humans existed, is becoming digital by keeping up with the developing technology. So what are the tricks and subtleties of storytelling on digital platforms? Let’s see together.

What is digital storytelling?

Digital storytelling is a situation that means using computer-based tools to create, write, tell and transfer stories to different people, prefer online applications, and do all these on different platforms. This job, which is mostly done in writing, can now be done easily with audio or video, thanks to different easy and even free applications. This job can be a hobby, or it can be done as a profession by professional voice actors.

Who can do digital storytelling?

A little communication and hardware knowledge may be enough to tell stories on both traditional and digital platforms. However, if you want to be a successful person in this field and want the stories to have listened to most from you, it may be useful to learn the tricks from the masters, use your voice so that you can go deep into the story, and know the rules of body language with your facial expressions and hand gestures. If you are going to do this work on digital platforms, it will be beneficial for you to know the different features of technology such as sound, image, effects, and the equipment you can apply them.

Increases creativity

Storytelling is an activity that supports creativity and increases imagination, regardless of the platform. Digital storytelling, which causes different reflections in everyone’s imagination with the images it creates in the mind, whether the narrator or the listener, also contributes to the development of literacy skills. This activity, which enables the development of story comprehension, transfer, and telling skills, also encourages group work and accelerates technology learning.

It is also used in education.

Storytelling, which is accepted and preferred as an effective method in education, brings together the main elements of education such as sound, picture, and video. By acting as a bridge between the teacher and the student, it ensures that the information to be given is transferred more entertainingly and memorably. It includes rich images, descriptions, cultural elements, different sounds, and images, focusing on a specific subject.

To be a good storyteller…

There are certain qualities and qualities you must have to be a good storyteller, whether on digital platforms or in traditional ways. First of all, when you tell the story, you should convey this clearly and decisively to the other person. You can use strong arguments to support your story, such as heroes. With contrasts, surprises, and unexpected events, you can make the story fun and interesting. Don’t forget to use your voice and body language while doing this. Instead of telling something, you can choose to describe it, to describe it.


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