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What is the Zone Diet? How Is It Applied?

Zone diet; It is a diet developed to prevent bloating. With the Zone diet, bloating first decreases and then fat loss occurs. The feature that distinguishes this diet from other diets is that it performs fat burning quickly. The basic understanding in diet is that only substances that can be used enter the body. In this regard, the zone diet consists of certain amounts of carbohydrate, fat and protein consumption.

What are the foods that can be consumed in the zone diet?

Foods consumed in the Zone diet are similar to those consumed in the Mediterranean diet. These food types are:


The protein that should be taken in the Zone diet is lean proteins. These lean protein-based nutrients can be listed as follows:

  • Lamb and beef,
  • Skinless chicken or turkey breast,
  • Vegetarian products, soy or tofu,
  • Sea products,
  • Milk and milk products,
  • Egg whites.


The preferred fat in the Zone diet is monounsaturated fats. Foods containing monounsaturated fats consist of the following foods:

• Avocado

• Walnut,

• Almond,

• Pistachio,

• Peanut,

• Peanut butter,

• Olive oil,

• Sesame oil.


Low glycemic index fruits and vegetables are eaten as carbohydrates in the Zone diet. These vegetables and fruits are:

– Red fruits (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries), apples and oranges.

• Cucumber,

• Pepper,

• Tomato,

• Spinach,

• Mushrooms,

• Chickpeas,

• Whole grain foods.

What are the foods that cannot be consumed in the zone diet?

There are some nutrients that should not be consumed in the Zone diet. These foods are:

• Fruits with high sugar content: Grape, banana, mango, dried fruits.

• Processed foods: Pasta, bread, noodles and bakery products.

• Starchy vegetables with high sugar content: Corn, peas, potatoes, carrots.

• Sugary foods: Foods such as cookies and cakes are items that should never be consumed in the zone diet.

Apart from these, the consumption of tea and coffee should be minimized as the main beverage ingredient in the zone diet is water.

What are the Benefits of the Zone Diet?

The health benefits of the Zone diet are quite high. Unlike other diets applied, there are no strict and strict rules in the zone diet. However, the zone diet is completely against sugar and ready-made food consumption. As a result of scientific studies, it has been determined that the zone diet is very close to the Mediterranean diet model, and the benefits it provides to the individual are as follows:

Zone diet;

• Makes the body fat burning as fast as possible.

• It improves the quality of life.

• Slows down aging.

• Increases mental and physical performance.

How to Make a Zone Diet?

Zone diet is applied as 3 snacks and 2 main meals. This diet list does not have the possibility of starving, as it includes eating five times a day. In addition, there is no more than 5 hours between meals. In this diet, which is based on the principle of eating less and often in order to stabilize the insulin level, it is also necessary to drink at least nine glasses of water a day. In addition, having breakfast no more than one hour after waking up is one of the important rules of this diet.

Zone Diet Meal Planning

In the Zone diet, every meal must contain some protein (like a small portion of chicken meat). On this diet, people should consume as much carbohydrate as possible so that too much insulin is released. Because insulin turns excess carbohydrates into storage fat, and fat taken with diet does not stimulate insulin secretion. In this context, the menu planning created with the zone diet should be focused on the following points:

• Low density carbohydrates,

• Protein,

• Oil.

There are four goals or sections that must be combined in order for an individual to apply the zone diet to their daily life:

• Restrict calories without feeling tired or hungry.

• Take advantage of polyphenols to activate genes and achieve even better health.

• Make sure that there is low levels of inflammation in the body.

• Control the inflammation caused by harmful microorganisms in the intestine.

People trying to apply the Zone diet should distribute carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the portions specified as follows:

• 30% protein,

• 40% carbohydrate,

• 30% oil.

Basically, these nutritional sources should be balanced equally in each meal, as a result of this, the individual’s weight loss and health will be better. In this diet, the calorie intake of the individual does not have to be reduced, but the nutrients that individuals eat must change.

Other Points to Know About the Zone Diet

Daily calorie level: A woman of medium obesity who needs 56 grams of protein a day will take an average of 536 calories according to her diet calculations. An active and overweight woman who exercises and aerobics every day needs 86 grams of protein per day, according to diet calculations, and the calorie count is approximately 800.

Targeted diet-based weight loss: 0.5 kg each week.

Long-term effects: It is not a recommended diet program in diets that exceed a short period of time because it is a diet that is very low in calories.

Short-term effects: Excessive weight loss may occur during the first weeks of the diet. However, most of this will be dehydrated.


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