What Should You Do Against Mosquito Stings?

Mosquitoes, a small and short-lived species that emerge with the summer months, bring many problems, large and small, together with the diseases they carry and their stings that cause itching. The effects of these stings differ from person to person and according to the strength of the immune system. We have listed for you what to do against mosquito bites.

You should take precautions

You can use toothpaste

The most obvious and immediate feature of mosquito bites is itching and redness. In some cases, regional swelling can also be seen. You can avoid such problems with very simple methods. To prevent itching, swelling and redness, you can apply a 5-10 minute cold compress to the mosquito bite area and apply toothpaste.

You should try aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant species with a wide range of uses. The anti-inflammatory effect of aloe vera can prevent many problems such as itching, redness and swelling caused by mosquito bites. At this point, it is useful to apply the gel in the aloe vera leaf locally.

Cologne and disinfectant can be effective

With the pandemic, we have become very familiar with alcohol-based disinfectant types. Disinfectants containing isopropyl or ethanol-type alcohols and cologne are also very effective methods against mosquito bites. Topically applied cologne and disinfectant will help you prevent itching, swelling and redness.

Basil can be an effective treatment

The most effective natural method against mosquito bites is to rub the skin with basil. Thanks to the chemical components in basil, it prevents itching. You can also choose to use basil oil. In addition, you can plant basil in a small flower pot to both add color to your room and protect you from mosquitoes.


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