What to Do When Stuck on the Road?

You are on the road and the vehicle suddenly stopped. Suddenly your mood turned upside down. Your nervous and stress coefficient started to compete with your heart rate values. The first thing you will do is ‘stay calm’. You can do wrong things with nervousness, stress, or fear. People in the vehicle should calm each other.

Staying on the Road by Vehicle

If the vehicle suddenly ‘coughs’ between cities or in the city, the driver and passengers are worried. Dreams of a beautiful picnic or a beautiful forest trip become a dream in an instant. This beautiful dream is replaced by a stray car. Being on the road with a vehicle is not a very fearful situation. If your vehicle is not burning or you have not had a serious accident, you should say “thank God”. First of all, we should say that those who come to the property should not come to life. The best way to improve our mood is to say ‘it could have been worse’. Humans can do wrong things when they are angry or scared.

If there is a fire in your vehicle, you must be very careful. You should remove the fire extinguisher from the first aid kit and spray towards the center of the fire. In the fire engine part, you should consider remote extinguishing options. Remember, your vehicle can explode in case of fire. Therefore, in such situations, you must first ensure the safety of life. If the fire in the vehicle is large, the occupants of the vehicle should get out as soon as possible. Once the fire grows, explosion is inevitable.

When you are stuck on the road, do not neglect to burn the quads of your vehicle first. Immediately remove the warning reflector from the first aid kit. This reflector is triangular and recognizable from a great distance. According to the direction of traffic, put the reflector 50-100 meters ahead. Open the hood of the vehicle. Do not forget to burn the quad. Especially at night time, the fours will make you noticed. If you try to fix the fault yourself, you may cause the fault to grow. Also remember that you are stuck on the road. If you stay for a long time, the problem of hunger and thirst will start. So think logically. In such cases, it is best to contact the tow truck and roadside assistance as soon as possible.

How to Call a Roadside Assistance Hammer?

The telephone is the most important tool in getting help. If you don’t have a phone, you can ask passersby for help. You can make a phone sign to passersby. If you are in a very desolate place, you should move towards the nearest settlement without wasting time. Loss of time brings along many problems in stray events. As we mentioned above, hunger and thirst are at the top of these. The situation is worse in cases of straying in regions where wolves, bears and similar animals are present during the winter months. In such places, it is necessary to reach roadside assistance teams as soon as possible. When calling for help by phone, fault characteristics, identification information, description of the region you are in and other requested information must be provided completely and accurately. Inaccurate information on these issues will cause the recovery process to be prolonged.

After logging into the website of roadside assistance companies, you can request assistance by entering the customer contact sections. The most important issue to be considered in this category is that it describes the condition of the fault accurately. The most common negative situation encountered in roadside assistance calls is giving false information. When describing the characteristics of the fault, do not confuse your own theories. For example, if you are stranded by a power failure, tell your story from start to finish. Saying that it can be from this or that will confuse the officers in the roadside assistance process. If your phone charge is low, you should use short and clear sentences. In such delicate situations, you should evaluate all possibilities. In severe rain and snowfall, desert heat and similar adverse weather conditions, roadside assistance teams should be reached as soon as possible.

What Should I Do When I’m on the Road?

In this category, incompetent people are called to help first. Remember, time is running against you. If you stay on the road for a long time, hunger and thirst will be on the agenda. If one of your relatives gets sick, it will require “emergency road assistance”. For this reason, you should seek roadside assistance first, not your relatives. Also, calling people who are not experts in the business will cause a waste of time. However, many problems start to occur.

In the roadside assistance category, the health status, the accident status and the weather condition are asked one by one in the tow truck call operations. According to these situations, roadside assistance calls institutions such as emergency services or gendarmerie. Staying on the road is something everyone experiences. In such cases, seeking help from passers-by will also be a waste of time. You can stop the vehicle for essential needs such as phone or water. However, asking for help from passing vehicles in repairing the vehicle will also cause a waste of time.


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