What You Need to Know About Kakeibo, the Japanese Accumulation Method

Today, when the economy and money are mentioned, the first things that come to mind are savings and savings. It is of great importance to make small savings today in order to live a more comfortable and peaceful life in the future. There are many different savings and savings methods to suit almost every pocket. Among them, you can try the Kakeibo method, which has become more popular recently and is a part of the deep-rooted Japanese tradition. In this article, you can find the details of Kakeibo, which aims to record every expense and expense, discarding unnecessary ones and directing them to areas that will contribute.

What is the Kakeibo method?

Kakeibo, which literally means “household finance diary” or “budget notebook” in Japanese, is based on keeping track of every single expense in the home, determining the overspending points by making weekly or monthly plans, and saving by setting a target. In this method, which is done by asking many simple questions to both himself and the family, the basic points are how much money, how much do I want to save, how much do I spend and what should I change?

What do you need for Kakeibo?

Kakeibo, a system frequently used by housewives in Japan when it first appeared, is based on smart and practical management of the household budget. All you will need in this method is a notebook and pen. It will be enough for you to create an archive backwards by noting every income you enter into your household and all kinds of expenditures you will make, and to set goals for yourself based on this.

How is the Kakeibo method applied?

In order to apply Kakeibo, a method first introduced by Japanese female journalist Motoko Hani in the early 1900s, you need to determine your fixed income, income, expenses and savings goals. Then, after you write them down in your notebook, you write down every step you take, day by day. Afterwards, you clarify which of your expenses you will cut in order to reach a goal you have set. For example, you choose a target such as deducting the money I will save to buy a new car from the monthly magazine expenses.

How can you save and save?

The basis of Kakeibo, which has been used as a savings and savings method for more than a century, is the inability to spend on anything that is not needed. Kakeibo, the expenses of a family or individual; categorizes them as those for survival, those for luxury, those for culture and arts, and those for unexpected situations. By adapting these categories to your income and lifestyle, you can subtract your expenses and start saving today.

Kakeibo can be one of the most effective ways to save money and save for your future. In addition, it is also important that you make small savings from today in order to maintain the living standards and habits you have today in the future.


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